Sunday, December 14, 2014

protection prayer from negative energies.

"Protection prayers are  an important part of our spiritual well being"

Just as we need to protect our physical bodies, we need to protect our spirit ! Many times during the day we expose ourselves to negative energies. Inadvertently, we come in contact with negative people who after being near to them you feel emotionally drained, frustrated or just restless.  This is because our associations with these types of "energy vampires" drain our spirituality and affects us in negative ways.  In the spiritual world you would be able to see what I call "tether cords" that connect you to that person. It is important that you " cut the cord".

A simple way to do this is ask Archangel Michael to "cut" the energy cords. You can do this by visualizing Archangel Michael cutting the cords around you with his sword. See the cords being cut from you, freeing your spirit's energy.  This simple but amazing visualization along with a simple prayer is very effective tool in ridding you of negative energies.

Here's the prayer. ( remember as you recite this prayer it is important to visualize Archangel Michael cutting the energy cords)

"Archangel Michael, my protector, please cut all the negative cords away from me, freeing my spirit, cleansing my spirit re-energizing me with God's white light of love and healing. So be it !"

And when you can see all the cords have been cut away from you, visualize Archangel Michael putting his hands on your shoulder and filling you up with  God's white light! Replenishing your spiritual energy back into  brilliant bluish white light !     

Do this as many times that you need to !

Believe in Angels !


Sunday, December 7, 2014


Mother Mary says forgiveness starts with yourself.

Before we can forgive others, we must forgive ourselves. We have to look deep inside ourselves to heal our wounds.  Then the healing and forgiveness begins.  The saying let go and let God is a very strong and a very divine statement.  Forgiveness begins with yourself.

This coming week try a simple prayer. Ask our heavenly father to help us to let go and let God.

" Dear Father in heaven, please give me the strength to heal my wounds and fill me with your loving light of peace and healing.  Help me father to forgive my enemies and the people who have hurt me. I give  my anger and pain to you my Lord and I trust and have faith in your unconditional love. Amen.

Believe in Angels!


Sunday, November 30, 2014


Mother Mary says that patience is a blessing !  Pray for patience when praying for blessings ! In a world of instant e-mails, instant dinners, instant responses, the blessing's of patience is easily lost. We forget that it took God even 7 days to make to the world !
So, when praying for a miracle, also pray to be patient.  
Believe in Angels!


Sunday, November 23, 2014

circle of love

Good morning ;
As I was meditating and praying today, I heard a strong but gentle female voice. I have heard this saying several times in the past when I was meditating but for some reason not only did I hear it again today, but it was also shown to me in a carving on a stone. This message is for someone who obviously needs to here this. So I thought I would share this simple but powerful message.
" to love someone gives you strength~ to be loved by someone gives you courage "
Thank you Mother Mary.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Love my children

Mother Mary said "Love all of my children as you love your own."

In God's eyes, all of his children are of the same family. Love is an equal opportunity word.  However,  many times we pick and choose the meaning when it come to this word. 

Especially this coming holidays, lets not forget the less fortunate "family members"  Now days you see it on television and on the internet  how the earth Angels are being punished for feeding the poor and taking care of their fellow brothers and sisters. It is to the point where an act of kindness towards your brother and sister  is not appreciated or even desired.

At the end of your day, did you help out your fellow brothers and sisters ? Even a simple prayer to our Father is showing compassion towards your "extended family".

In this coming week, reach out to one of your extended family members...

"he's not heavy, he's my brother"

Believe in Angels !


Sunday, October 5, 2014


I am lovingly honest with myself and others.

Are you ? Mother Mary says stop hiding from the truth. Take an honest inventory of yourself, admitting your most vulnerable feelings to yourself. If someone is not being forthright with you, you'll know within your heart. The first person comes  to your  mind is  probably involved in this dishonesty.

This coming week mediate to ask God and the holy spirit to reveal the truth about your present situation.  There is a need for greater honesty in order to heal and resolve the present situation.

believe in Angels !


Sunday, September 28, 2014

Stay the course

This afternoon, while cutting the grass, the breeze was blowing gently, I seen a butterfly struggling in the breeze trying to make headway.  No matter how hard the little butterfly tried the breeze would blow him back.

Isn't life sometimes like that ?  The harder we try the more backward we go....

Mother Mary says stay true to you course and perseverance will carry you through.

Later on the observed the little butterfly, in between the blowing breezes, took little short flights until it made it fully across the meadow!  Lesson learned!

I asked Mother Mary for patience this weekend on something that was making me anxious and irritated.  I really tried to progress in this situation but to no avail did it even come close to my schedule.   When I was cutting the field, and meditating to the Angels on how they can help I heard  "Ed look over there"  As I looked I saw the little butterfly.....

So... I did the same thing. took short rests in-between the mammoth project, stayed true to the course and I too made it "across a big vast field"  project completed !

Thank you Mother Mary and your Angels for showing my answer through one of your little winged Angel's !!

Believe in Angels !


Sunday, September 21, 2014

Life storms ( again)

Mother Mary said like storms in nature, life storms come and go. That's is part of life. 

Many times we are put into a situation that we never intended to be in or it was none of our doing. But we are in the storm. We as humans try to understand or reason away why storms happens to us.  Sometimes there is no rhyme and no reason why storm's are happening, but they do and we are in the middle of it.

Mother Mary says "have faith in my son for only he knows why the wind blows"  I guess for me, I must have faith and keep praying to my Father and Mother Mary for strength, courage and the will to keep moving forward.  Sometimes horrific situations in life makes us stronger in prayer.

Believe in Angels !!!


Sunday, September 14, 2014

Earth Angel II

Earth Angels walk among us.

This week a fellow co-worker became a "Blue Angel".  As many have heard a Rochester Police Officer was murdered in the line of duty, while protecting his fellow citizens.

Earth angels, come in different forms and perform different duties. Being a earth Angel, God calls upon you to perform various duties,  even in  a wider variety of careers. Many times being a light worker, we don't know how many people we help.  On known to us, they way we live our lives, is an inspiration to others.  It is not our jobs to count how many times "we think we have helped someone" but it is our job to better ourselves and in return, better our fellow brothers and sisters. Sometimes, we put ourselves in harms way to protect our brothers and sisters and  sometimes give the ultimate sacrifice.

" there is no greater love than to give up your life for someone else".  This earth Angel stopped a bad man from hurting a fellow brother or sister.

Angels are like stars, sometimes you cant see them, but you know they are always around !

Believe in Angels !



Sunday, September 7, 2014


During my last meditation with Mother Mary, it was shown to me just how important music is to  soul.

When I was growing up in my earlier youth, I would wake up to hear classical music "playing in my head" I would try to keep the music going.... and when I went to the piano, I would replay what I heard while waking up. Usually if I can transcribe the song accurately, it would sound so heavenly. Then that song would stay with me all day making me feel really good.

Music is the language of your soul.  So when your down, had a hard day, and your body is just beat-up from the day, play music that your soul knows all to well, lite cherry, relaxing music. Brahms, Mozart, Beethoven and hundreds of other classical artist.

Music is medicine to the soul !!!

Believe in Angels,


Sunday, August 31, 2014

Earth Angels

Mother Mary has always shown to me that not only are there heavenly Angels but also many Earth Angels that walk among us! Including you!

You may not even know it but your actions (your good work) affect people in many positive ways.  Just last week while driving through countless counties, I looked at my gas gauge and realized I was at a quarter of a tank of gas. I knew I can at least drive another 75 miles and not worry (but that wasn't in the Angel's plan for me !).

As I was driving in the right lane, I was passing a gas station that was on the far left side of the road, knowing I did not need to stop at that particular station I was planning to stay on course and keep driving.  When all off a sudden as if something grabbed the steering wheel  and at the same I heard in my head " Ed stop at that gas station right now!!!' So, having given up a long time ago to the angels will, I just cut across the 4 lanes (safely of course) and  flew into the station, and came to a gas island that was empty of cars. Taking a second to realize just what happened, saying to myself that was really strange why I did that in such urgency, I got out of my vehicle, and started to pump gas.  

As I was pumping gas, I vaguely realized that a car pulled up right behind me. Almost halfway through the process of pumping my gas, I saw in the corner of my eye, an elderly lady come out of the car that had pulled up behind me, and she kept staring at the gas pump. I was getting ready to put the pump handle back into the pump,  When I heard "Ed look over there" when I looked at the lady she was now clearly in a panic state!  As I was staring at her, I asked are you ok? Do you need help?  I could tell she was holding back a lot of emotional pain.  She said in a very weak and shaky voice,   " I don't know how to use this machine, I am on empty and I need to get to the hospital quickly"  I said sure let me walk you through this, I have 4 daughters and a wife who I taught on how to do this.  I showed her where to put her credit card, select what type of gas, etc. As the process was going along smoothly, I heard from Angels "tell her that her Ike will be ok and that he is on the mend (So not fighting or second guessing my sanity anymore) I looked at her directly in her eyes, and said
 " you know Ike is going to be ok and that he is on the mend"  I said this matter of factually. I also said to her, I will put his name in to my prayer circle. Again as  to reiterate my statement I said he is going to be OK he is in very good hands.

She started to cry and shake even more. I immediately bit my tongue and said to myself now you did it!  In astonishment,  as if getting something off her chest, she said "my Hank is in the hospital"  he  had a major heart attack and I have been praying so hard to the lord. She further stated that, her prayer group has been praying really hard for "her Hank"  She then said, it has  been very hard on her because "her Hank  did everything for me including this gas thing". I am so afraid. So talked her through the process and  when the gas pumping was over, I said let's say a prayer for you and Hank.!  So we did pray of  the our father.  When we were finished saying our prayer she said thank you sir.  I said to her I don't know why I said Ike was going to be ok when your husbands name is Hank.  She looked at me like it was an eternity and said well, that's the name I call him when I need help !

This coming week when you are being guided to help someone, well help someone!

Believe in angels !



Sunday, August 24, 2014

Blessed water

Mother Mary tells us to " bless your water" !

Did you know that you can bless your water ? Scientific studies have shown that a person holding a cup of water while meditating, the cells within the water form to beautiful  geometric shapes like the ones you remember seeing  inside a  kaleidoscope!

 There was a story not to long ago about a young girl  who was told by her priest, to keep a jar of ground water in her house and when she walks past the water jug, to say a quick prayer over it. This would make the water " blessed water". In her area, the water from the ground was un -drinkable due to the water having a strong metal taste, and a high count of bacteria. So bottle water was the only way the community was able to drink clean healthy water.

In her home she had a very sick uncle who was running a high fever for days and the doctor was several towns away. While the sick uncle was in his feverous sleep, the young lady decided to run to the store and get some  bottled water for her sick uncle.  As she was leaving, as she would always do before she left the house, she would go by the water jug in the doorway touch the jug and say a quick prayer, and of she went to the store.

As the young lady was walking to the store, the uncle woke up and was very thirsty and delirious.  He search around his room for some water, however, he could not find any bottled water.  He then seen in the doorway a jug of water. He drank down several large gulps, and when his thirst was satisfied he went back to his bed, then went into a very deep sleep.  The next day he awoke, no fever, and feeling very rested with renewed energy.  When his niece noticed her uncle standing out of bed and walking. she was amazed how he was feeling,  in that just the other day he was a very sick man !  The niece quickly panic when she saw her uncle reach for the jug of dirty water and started to drink out of the jug she had been blessing.  She yelled in panic "don't drink that water it is  bad!" He looked at her rather confusedly and after drinking the last of the water he said to her, last night nobody was here and I was very thirsty and the only jug in the house was this jug full of water.  He then stated that it was the best, sweetest  tasting water he ever had!  I drank that sweet water, I went back to sleep and when I awoke I felt like a new man !  

The power of prayer....

Believe in Angels !


Sunday, August 17, 2014

God's creatures

Mother Mary says we can see and feel God's unconditional love through his animals.

Did you know that some of our best therapist in life  has a wet nose !  After a long and hard day we come home to a small furry creature who is usually the first to greet us at our place of refuge !Many times when we are at our wits end, we look at are furry friend and we see them looking back at us with love.  Unconditional love.

Through are fury friends, we can have a glimpse of God's simplicity of unconditional love.

Believe in Angels !


Sunday, August 10, 2014


Mother Mary says that being humble is an important part of your spirituality.

Remain quiet, and be humble in the presence of God! Is it not that God is always around us? When we are quiet and humble, it is then we can truly appreciate Gods works and hear the quiet whispers of the spirit.   For we are not being distracted by our own foolishness.

In this era of the "Stand up for yourself and be counted", " Be loud and proud"  If we are not careful, we become caught up in our egos, we lose are humbleness. We become self consumed,  selfish and Jaded.  Unfortunately, being humble nowadays is  viewed as weakness. 

 "The meek shall inherit the earth". Matthew 5:5

Meekness is simply the willingness to be our Creator.  

In The Kingdom of God, being humble is a step closer to God's love.

These are very trying days for our spirituality. The world is in chaos, people on the edge, everyone has an opinion  on what is right and what is wrong!   

In the center of life's hurricane, you should become the center or the eye of life's hurricane and remain quiet and humble and be a pillar of strength.

Here is a prayer that will help you to become humble and strong:  " Mother Mary, Queen of the heavenly Angles help me to be humble and strong, a pillar of strength for myself, family and the people in my life!  Please protect me from all of  life's chaotic storms. For the quiet and humble person knows that the strength, protection and wisdom of God is upon them"  Amen

Believe in Angels !


Sunday, August 3, 2014


"Mother Mary tells us that Angels send messages to us in many ways."

One special way is through birds ! What better way to send a message from a loved one than a bird who also flies high up in the heavens !

I can remember one day while I was thinking about my mother ( who crossed over) and just missing her.  She would always tell me " Ed look at that bird isn't it beautiful, then she would say you know God uses birds to talk to us ! "

Well one day, while working on my tractor, I heard fluttering around me.  When I looked up from my work I noticed a big black crow staring at me.  I found it peculiar that it was standing about 7 feet away from me and squawking at me ! When it drew my attention away from my work I heard in my mind " be careful with that screw driver ! I looked back at the screw driver that I used to pinned the sharpened blades to the grass cutter shield. This was so that I can reach into the blades to unclog  the grass cutting blades that inadvertently dragged  a tarp into it,  binding the blades.

What I didn't know, was that the tarp and the screw driver together held the blades from whirling around. Even though the engine was turned off, there was compression in the engine due to the engine  not completing a full cycle of it's pistons.

Anyway,  being concerned even more now that the crow made a stop just for me, I decided maybe I should put a heavy duty wood block in-between the blades and shield " just incase ! " I did. finally, after cutting the tarp  into pieces, within a quick second I saw the screw driver being pinched and then bend to the point where the blades was able to violently swing and dig at least an quarter of an inch into the wood !

Thanks Angels ! (and your messenger Mr. Crow)

Believe in Angels



Sunday, July 27, 2014


Mother Mary said that clarity is the first step in living in the light.

Many times we would see people walking in a haze, blinded by anger, hurt, and frustration etc. Sometimes our co-workers would go out for that five-o clock martinis...

 Question, every day is a blessing where you should take in every moment of the day for the glory of God, How can you appreciate his works when you are in the "fog" ?  For example,  When was the last time you deliberately let rain fall on your face ?  I don't mean running from one place to the other and getting wet, but, letting yourself purposely  feel the rain on your face ? Slow down your pace, clear your mind of clutter, ( meditate).  Remain "clean " and clear minded so that you can experience all  of Gods blessings and teachings.

Archangel Jeremiel  will help you to get clarity. Say this simple prayer for clarity.  " Angel Jeremiel please help me clear my mind of all unhealthy distractions, in order to focus on God's daily blessings.   

Believe in Angels !


Sunday, July 20, 2014


"In the quite moments of are lives, it is then we can hear our whispering soul, gently guiding us and  listening to the wisdom of the cosmos."

Meditation is the door that takes us "there". Think of it as a phone. You have to" dial in" in order to receive and communicate with your desired party !   There is somebody on the other line waiting to help you !

Find yourself a place where you can "dial in"  and start meditating.  You  will be surprised what your soul has been whispering to you !

Believe in Angels !


Sunday, June 29, 2014


Mother Mary says " Have faith in my son's love "

You are truly loved. God created you in his own image. His plans are bigger than your ideas.  Many times we think we are in charge of our destiny when in reality we are doing what God wants us to do.  Like it or not, God puts us in the right place at the right time.  The problem is many times we for get that. ! Wherever you are, do your best and let God do the rest ! 

Have faith in Gods love. Know that you are loved and cherished. Remember God gave his only son to man kind, to guide, and love us. All we have to do is pray to Jesus for guidance and have faith in his mysterious ways.

Let go and let God !

Believe in Angels !


Sunday, June 22, 2014

Your a Counselor !

You would be very surprised just how many people are strengthened by watching you !

Mother Mary said we are all entrusted with helping each other.  Your struggles, your victories are lessons for other people ! People view your strength as hope ! Going through tough life lessons enables us to help other people.  Been there done that ! is the best qualification for a counselor degree !

With the guidance of Mother Mary and her Angels, you will be able to help God's children who are walking paths that you have already forged.

This coming week,  remember you are God's worker, counseling the children of this world ! Pretty awesome right !

Believe in Angels !


Sunday, June 15, 2014

Count your blessing !

Mother Mary says count your blessing... and you will be surprised !

Many times we forget just what we are blessed with.  We get caught up in are lives, family situations, careers and we don't see what we already have and how we are truly blessed ! Everyday you wake up and feel the morning sun on your face is a blessing in itself ! The little things we take for granted, are actually big things in our lives !

Many poets, song writers, philosophers keep writing about this over and over throughout history it goes like this...
" You don't know what you have until you lose it "  Think about that....

So this week if you are looking for a blessing and a miracle, my guess is that you will not have to look to far.... 

Here is a prayer I like to use to reaffirm my blessing that I already have !

" Mother Mary thank you for all of my blessings from heaven !  Mother Mary, I pray to you to keep showering me and my family with your blessing and from heaven, and may all of your Angels deliver them to me  and my family !

This coming week look around you and you will see all the blessing from heaven that you have already received !( and more to come) !

Believe in Angels !



Sunday, June 8, 2014

All is well

Mother Mary says all is well. Even during life storms, know that this will pass. Storms come and go just as life storms do.  As during a summer storm we all find shelter to keep  safe.  During life storms we can find shelter by praying for protection and guidance ! Unfortunately, sometimes life storms makes us pray when we should of been praying all along. The blessing is knowing that Mother Mary is always there for us "storms or no storms, she is always near to us, hearing us, loving us !

So, if your in a "storm" know that with prayers and guidance from Mother Mary and her Angels, the "storms" will pass and a new day will emerge. Stay strong ! 

Say this little prayer during our life storms.

Mother Mary and your beautiful Angels of the white light, protect me from all harm and evil, give me strength and guidance through this storm.

Believe in Angels !



Sunday, June 1, 2014

"my clear mind is easily able to focus and concentrate "

After prayers and meditation, it was shown to me by mother Mary's Angels that I need to repost one  of Mothers Mary's messages of "sobriety" So, You know who you are or you might have a friend who is in need of this message from Mother Mary.

Mother Mary supports your intentions to have a addiction-free life style ! Addictions, block your spiritual door way. It is like having a edge of a rug blocking your access to opening a door. Emotional eating for example, deprives your spirituality of healthy thoughts ! Remember a healthy body is a healthy mind and the reverse ! As we all know after our  "momentarily good feeling" are gone, ( quickly I might add) we are left with  even more of a craving, and the vicious cycle continues.

Break the vicious cycle of cravings/addictions with the help of Mother Mary and her Angels ! Say this simple prayer everyday

" Mother Mary queen of heaven please help me to become strong in my moments of weakness, take away the %$#&#@* from my life and replace it  with your beautiful white light of love and healing".  As you are praying this simple prayer, picture Mother Mary's healing energy infusing your body, mind and spirit from your head to your toes ! This a very strong meditational prayer that will help you to over come any addictions.  Say this prayer in the morning before you get out of bed, during the day when you feel weak and vulnerable, and before your last thoughts of the day, before you fall asleep.

Believe in Angels !


Sunday, May 25, 2014

" I hear you !"

" I hear you ! "

During a "bad" week, I was tired, emotionally drained and spiritually challenged!  Yes it was a bad week.  I prayed to father Jesus and said this prayer : "Father please show me how much how love me and that I am not alone. I do know you love me and you are always near to me, but a little confirmation would go a long way's today, especially today !".

I ask Mother Mary also in my prayers "Mother Mary please tell your son that I need spiritual support and encouragement !


The next day while working in the community, I ran into this guy on the street who kept looking at me. So finally I made eye contact with him nodded and said "hello".  This person approached me and said " You look very familiar do I know you ? I said I don't think so.  He further said I am a Pastor at one of the local church here in town and maybe you came to my church ? I said I am not really from around hear. Then he said well you may think this is strange and I don't know if you believe in the holy spirit but  I have to tell you what I just heard.  I said go on... he said this to me  "You are a blessed man. The holy spirit is strong within you, giving you wisdom and discernment" he further stated " You already know that Jesus walks with you and his angels are always around you  protecting you" You have a special place with the Angels ! 

He then said to me, I hope you don't think that I am crazy, but I had to tell you what the holy sprit had shown  me. He then shook my hand said I was a blessed man, and walked away !

Let me tell you folks, I was a charged battery ! Thank you Jesus, thank you Mother Mary, and thank you Angels and most of all thank you for that "Crazy" Pastor !!! ( earth angel)

Believe in Angels !



Sunday, May 18, 2014


Miracles are delivered in many ways like you !

In life we never know how we touch other peoples lives.  A friendly word, gesture or just a smile can change around a person's bad day to a good one !   Sometimes a word of encouragement is all that we need to make things turn around ! a miracle !

So this coming week, when you see somebody who is not doing good, having a hard time, give them a smile, encouragement or  just say hello ! you will be surprised how you may change that person day. It might be just the miracle that they were looking for. 

Be well and do God's work!

Love and light,


Sunday, May 11, 2014

Courage II

When we face challenging things in our lives, ask Mother Mary and her Angels to guide and protect you.

Sometimes, in our lives we face situation that are uncomfortable and very challenging. Facing these challenges requires us to step out of our comfort zone and deal with a situation that is not normal.  Challenges that scare us, it is normal to be uncomfortable. 

With courage, we shine in our darkest moments.

Be assured that the Angels will walk with us, keeping us safe, while we find courage within ourselves. You are not alone !!!   

Have a great week, do Gods work and be well.


Sunday, May 4, 2014


Friends are an important part of our lives.   That being said, the old saying "you are who you hang with !" Friends can be a two edge sword. The good people in our lives affect us in  positive ways. However, We all have "those friends" who inadvertently affects us in negative ways. If you hang out with friends who seems to be going through "drama and trauma" all of the time, you must be very careful because the negative energy  will start rubbing off on you !

It is like a chess player who interacts with a lower level chess player rather interacting with a player who is very good at chess. Eventually, practicing with a lower level player  you  inadvertently loose your good skills and became the same class of player  who you  have been trying to help out!.

It is ok to "visit and help that person but do not hang out with them"

Many times we hang out with people who are not good for our well being just so that we are not alone. Remember this, As Joel Osteen would say, " Its ok to be by yourself for awhile rather than be poisoned for a life time" 

Believe in Angels,




Monday, April 28, 2014

Inner Guidance

Mother Mary reminds us to listen to our inner guidance.  We all receive messages from Mother Mary and her angels to help and protect us on a daily basis.  We must learn to listen to this guidance.  It most often comes to us as a "Gut Feeling".  This may be a simple thing like turning right instead of left, an uneasiness about a person or a situation. When you strongly or consistently feel something, don't over think or analyze it, just go with it as this is divine guidance sent to protect you and help you out.

Believe in Angels!

Sunday, April 20, 2014


When you see a rainbow, that is Mother Mary saying to you she is near to you, showing her love for you and that everything will be ok.

Every time I see a rainbow I know Mother Mary is telling me she loves me very much and everything will be ok. Whether you see a rainbow in the sky, or a rainbow on your wall, it is mother Mary reminding you that she is close to you and loves you very much ! 

As I remind everyone during readings, when you see a rainbow tell Mother Mary "I love you too !"  Remember, even in the bible, a rainbow always signifies Gods love and that storms come and then they go !

I will give you an example; During one of my many life's crises Mother Mary would always have rainbows showing up telling me  that she is near to me, loving me, guiding me and that everything will be ok . After the life storm  would fade away, ( as they always do) I would always smile knowing I was never alone. During the bad storms of my life I was always held and protected !

Thank you Mother Mary for you and your beautiful loving angels !  

Rainbows, Rainbows, Rainbows !

When you see  a rainbow  tell Mother Mary " I love you too Mother Mary !"

Believe in Angels !


Sunday, April 13, 2014

Angels ! I need help !

Call  Mother Mary's  Angels when you need help !

Mother Mary will always send you help when you call upon her Angels.  Yesterday, finally having time for "down time" We made our way to our cabin, settled in and turned on our water and vola' we had the only sprinkler system in the woods !

Finally figuring out what was wrong I got to work.... only to have a ( check valve ) frozen in place and no matter how much pressure I would put into turning the part so that I can take it off it would not move.  It was definitely a two man job.  My wife, recovering from her foot surgery could not help me.  Soo... in my hour of need I called out "ANGELS I NEED YOUR HELP" scratching my head I decided to call my neighbor to see if he had a local and trusted plumber that I can use.  His wife answered and said that she will ask him and call right back.  In several minutes my neighbor ( Shane) came up the dirt road and said  "hi what's going on ?"  I showed him what my dilemma was and with his assistance, I got the part off and was able to continue on my repair ! He did not have a plumbers phone number, however, when I was in the local hardware store I got a number for a trusted plumber.

At the end of my plumbing quest, I was able to use my water system.

  •   Did an Angel come down with a plumbing wrench ? No ! ( I think I would of had the "big one" if that happened ) No, but a friend came to help me, and gave me guidance and confidence that I can do this!
  • Found a plumbers number if needed...
  • the day was saved !!!
Thanks Angels for being next to me, guiding me  and giving me  confidence in myself in my hour of need.
Believe in Angels !

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Positive thoughts

" Its not our circumstances that makes us negative but our outlook "

Set your mind on victory and success before you get out of bed. ! You were created to win !  Get rid of your negativity and replace it with positive thoughts. Remember, like attracts like.

Mother Mary says that "when we wake up in the morning, it is important to start the day with a  positive  affirmation.  Your foundation of your day is in the morning when you wake up !"

The first time we are conscious of our new day say this simple prayer;

"Todays is a new day, created by my loving God !  I will dwell in the love and light my God has created for me ! My angels will walk with me and guide me through out my day".

Believe in yourself !, believe in Angels !


Sunday, March 23, 2014


" Music is healing for yourself and others"

Music is the language of the soul ! Everybody could use a little more music for the soul. Music opens your soul to receiving Divine guidance so that you'll confidently walk upon the pathway of your life purpose.

You are also called upon to create personal connection with music for healing purposes.   Pick up that old musical instrument you once played or join a musical group or a class. Mother Mary states that "singing praises to God is one of the highest forms of prayers" !

Remember,  Arch Angel Sandalphon helps and heals through music. Call upon Sandalphon with this wonderful affirmation: "Thank you for bringing music to and through me. Please guide me in my quest for healing and singing praises to God "  You will receive intuitive messages that will deepen your connection to God.

This coming week strike up a tune and sing from your soul !

Believe in Angels !


Sunday, March 16, 2014

Life Storms

"Like storms in nature, life storms come and go "

Mother nature shows us that "storms" are part of a nature's cycle. Just as Life storms are part of ours. We find growth after storms.  Just like after a summer storm, the next day everything is healthier and growing. We also take life lessons from our "storms" and  become a better person spiritually and emotionally.

So if you are experiencing a life storm, know that this will pass just  as a summer storm does! Ask Mother Mary and her Angels to guide  you to what lessons are to be learned from this "storm".

This week if you are going through a life storm, ask Mother Mary and her Angels to show you and guide you to  look at the positive lessons to be learned from a bad situation.

Believe in Angels !


Sunday, March 9, 2014

Respect II

After meditation today a strong message came through and the word was again "respect for yourself !
" I honor and Love myself through my healthful actions "

Mother Mary deeply cares for you, your welfare and your happiness. Mother Mary asks you to respect yourself enough to take good care of yourself.  Remember by respecting yourself, you are honoring God and his  beautiful gift of your health, mind and spirit.

In the olden days, they called your body  "the temple of God" 

Soooo, The answer to your question to your present question lies within another question:

"Which path would be most respectful of me and make me feel the best about myself "  Remember, Self-respect increases when your actions are aligned with your true belief.  Stop doing anything that makes you feel ashamed or guilty and focus all of your attention upon that which makes you proud to be you.

Have a great week,  do Gods work, be well !

Believe in Angels !


Sunday, March 2, 2014

God made you perfect

"God made you perfect"!  No matter who you are, where you came from, or what you did, remember this : "God will make greatness out of a great mess" Mother Mary said "Every child born to this world was given to us by God" Before you were born, upon conception, God planned your life. You are very special and loved by God!

When life gets hard, naysayers are cheering for your failure.  Remember this: you are so special because as Mother Mary said: "Remember, God loves you so much he took the time to create you in his image".  You have the wisdom, and the love of God so that you can make greatness out of a great mess!

Believe in yourself!  Draw strength from God's love, and ask the Angels for help. You will be empowered to make greatness out of a great mess!

Believe in Angels!


Monday, February 24, 2014

Inner child ll

Inner Child
" I nurture the child within me through playfulness and self-care"

 Mother Mary watches over all of her children. including the child who resides within you  This message reminds you to care for your inner child who is crying out for attention. If you are only working and not having any "fun time" this will result in sadness, exhaustion and feeling neglected !

This message is for you to create time for amusement and play.

This up coming week, while scheduling  and making appointments on your calendar, don't forget to schedule  your play time.

Believe in Angels !

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Inner Child

Mother said "don't forget about your inner child!"

Never lose your inner child! Just as it is important to be responsible, hard working and tending to your responsibilities, is just as important to tend to your " inner child" !  When is the last time you sat on your floor and played with your pet? When is it the last time you tried to catch a snow flake in your mouth?  (surely, we all know the feeling of the snow falling on your face!) Take time out from your adult responsibilities and have some fun with your inner child. You will be surprised how mush fun you have been missing !!!

Don't get lost in your daily grind. Take some time for yourself and have some fun! loosen up!

This coming week find your inner child. They have been waiting to play!!!

Believe in Angels!


Sunday, February 9, 2014


After meditating with the Angels and Mother Mary,  the word "changes" kept being "shown" to me. So I will repost a prior post of "changes" with some little "changes" to the message.

As we are in deep winter, we also know that we are headed towards Spring ! Nothing last forever. During this deep, dark and cold adventure, lets keep a positive outlook.  The days are getting longer, before you know it mother nature will be waking up bringing a whole new life cycle with us right in the middle of her creation !        

Mother Mary said Changes are part of our spirituality. As  seasons change, the cycle itself
 refreshes Mother Earth. New challenges!!! Changes are a healthy part of our spirituality.

How can we grow and learn from stagnation?

We may not like being taken out of our comfort zone, but we would learn nothing if we stayed
 in our little comfortable "boxes".  Like it or not, we are built for change, and we do well at it !.

One door closes and another door opens.

Here, I will give you an example.  When we were kids we would come in from the rain all wet and cold...
We would dread taking of are clothes because we knew it would be even colder!  But after the changing of clothes, quickly we would become warmer !  We would look at our old wet clothes we were wearing, and say " thank God I am out of that wet clothes."

So... this coming week if changes are coming at you, or they have been coming at you, Ask Mother Mary and her Angels to keep you strong, guide you, and show you what you need to do for a healthy change!

The Angels are there help us and guide us.  We are not alone!!!!

Believe in Angels!


Sunday, February 2, 2014


Edward asked me to write the blog today, as he is participating in a Fair today.  Using the same method he does, I sat quietly and asked Mother Mary what message needed to be communicated today.  One word comes to me:  Patience.

As busy people we tend to want everything we work so hard for to happen now.  We must understand that what we work towards will come to be at exactly the correct time.  We need to be patient with ourselves and others.  When you are feeling overwhelmed and inpatient with delays in how things are working out, take a step back, breathe deeply and ask Mother Mary to help you have faith that the correct thing will happen for you at the correct time.

Many times there will be something you feel or see that is necessary prior to the completion of your goals.  This may be something so simple that will make you appreciate the outcome so much more.

this week be patient with yourself and others, have faith that all is as it should be and the right thing will happen at the correct time.

If you are in the Buffalo, New York area, stop by the 25th Annual Psychic Fair today at the Hearthstone Manor 333 Dick Road, Depew, NY.  Ed will be at the Got Angel? booth and is giving a free lecture titled communicating with your angels at 4pm

Have a blessed week

Love & Light

Diane Yagger

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Mother Mary

Mother Mary

During meditation and prayer sessions,  Mother Mary's  presence was very strong. The message Mother Mary wants everyone of her children to know is that; ( Actually it was more like a declaration)  "each and everyone of my children (pathfinders,  indigo, crystal ) are very blessed and watched over by me and my Angels ! you are very blessed my child !  recognize and accept it !"

(Writers note) As I was attempting to write  the messages down, the presence of Mother Mary was very strong and made sure that the above mentioned statement was accurate and precise. It is my belief and understanding of this message that some of my readers, needed to hear this.  For what reason... only you know... 

My interpretation of Mother Mary's  message would be:  know that you are blessed and  protected by Mother Mary and her Angels!  Now go back out to the world and do God's work ! Stop being afraid,  doubting your blessings and your life mission of earth angel work !

Tonight before falling asleep meditate and pray to mother Mary and her son Jesus. Pray for guidance and strength !

This up coming week, let Mother Mary and her Angels guide you while you conduct earth Angel work !

Be strong ! Be confident !

Believe in Angels !



Sunday, January 19, 2014


The Mother Mary's message for this week Helping.

 Helping is an integral part of our soul's well being.  By helping others we help our souls to advance.  Take the time out from your busy schedule and help someone who is struggling. Helping someone to get their car out of a snow bank, opening a door for someone, giving a blanket to someone who is cold...

Mother Mary and her Angels appreciate and acknowledge "earth Angels" like yourself. Believe me, they know and they will also call on you to help someone when their are in need.

This coming week be an angel and help someone in need....

Do God's work and be well.

Believe in Angels !


Sunday, January 12, 2014


"my clear mind is easily able to focus and concentrate "

Here is a repost. Being the beginning of the New Year, lets start with a new resolution !  Mother Mary wants all of her children to be free from all controlling factors that negatively influence her children's  life's. ! 

 Mother Mary supports your intentions to have a addiction-free life style ! Addictions, block your spiritual door way. It is like having a edge of a rug blocking your access to opening a door. Emotional eating for example, deprives your spirituality of healthy thoughts ! Remember a healthy body is a healthy mind and the reverse ! As we all know after our  "momentarily good feeling" are gone, ( quickly I might add) we are left with  even more of a craving, and the vicious cycle continues.

Break the vicious cycle of cravings/addictions with the help of Mother Mary and her Angels ! Say this simple prayer everyday

" Mother Mary queen of heaven please help me to become strong in my moments of weakness, take away the %$#&#@* from my life and replace it  with your beautiful white light of love and healing".  As you are praying this simple prayer, picture Mother Mary's healing energy infusing your body, mind and spirit from your head to your toes ! This a very strong meditational prayer that will help you to over come any addictions.  Say this prayer in the morning before you get out of bed, during the day when you feel weak and vulnerable, and before your last thoughts of the day, before you fall asleep. 

Believe in Angels !

Sunday, January 5, 2014


Mother Mary's message is prayer

"Prayer is important to your spirituality, as substance is to your physical well being" Prayer is very important part of our soul's well being.  Mother Mary, her son Jesus and the angels listen to each and every prayer we recite.  Nothing is missed and every word is heard !

For example, every day during my commute to work and the return trip, I turn off the radio, and I start to pray and converse with Mother Mary, Jesus and the Angels. Before you know it, I am home and feeling like I just had a meeting with God !  I feel great and I have renewed spiritual strength.  Knowing that God heard my prayers and loves me so much that he sent Mother Mary, Jesus and the Angels to help and guide me through my life's ups and downs.

So... the next time you feel sad  lonely or scared, talk or pray to Mother Mary , Jesus or the Angels or all three of them, what a car pool that would be !!!!  (The only draw back of this is you still cannot use the commuter lane)

There is no excuse to be in a car by yourself talking! People in the other vehicle's seeing you talking with no one else in the car but yourself is very  common now days !  Hands free technology !!! So its ok ! It could even fall under the auspice of time management. Especially if you have a busy schedule before and after work hours. What better way to manage your "down time"

This week while driving to work strike up a conversation with you car "pool buddies"

Do God's work, and  believe in Angels !