Sunday, July 27, 2014


Mother Mary said that clarity is the first step in living in the light.

Many times we would see people walking in a haze, blinded by anger, hurt, and frustration etc. Sometimes our co-workers would go out for that five-o clock martinis...

 Question, every day is a blessing where you should take in every moment of the day for the glory of God, How can you appreciate his works when you are in the "fog" ?  For example,  When was the last time you deliberately let rain fall on your face ?  I don't mean running from one place to the other and getting wet, but, letting yourself purposely  feel the rain on your face ? Slow down your pace, clear your mind of clutter, ( meditate).  Remain "clean " and clear minded so that you can experience all  of Gods blessings and teachings.

Archangel Jeremiel  will help you to get clarity. Say this simple prayer for clarity.  " Angel Jeremiel please help me clear my mind of all unhealthy distractions, in order to focus on God's daily blessings.   

Believe in Angels !


Sunday, July 20, 2014


"In the quite moments of are lives, it is then we can hear our whispering soul, gently guiding us and  listening to the wisdom of the cosmos."

Meditation is the door that takes us "there". Think of it as a phone. You have to" dial in" in order to receive and communicate with your desired party !   There is somebody on the other line waiting to help you !

Find yourself a place where you can "dial in"  and start meditating.  You  will be surprised what your soul has been whispering to you !

Believe in Angels !