Sunday, July 28, 2013


"I open  my heart to my mother's humanness and her divinity"

Today,  I put on my hand made rosary made from mahogany obsidian, meditated and prayed to Mother Mary and her son Jesus. after my prayer meditation, I proceeded to shuffle the Doreen Virtue's mother Mary deck and asked Mother Mary to guide my hands and pull a card for this upcoming week.   The card was "Mother"

This card says that your current situation is rooted in your feelings about your mother.  The first thought that springs to mind right now is exactly what needs to be addressed and healed ! Gently adjust the way you review your past, to give you more freedom in your present and future life.

Hold a compassionate viewpoint toward your mother and see her as a fallible human who was doing the best that she could, once you understand and comprehend this,  then you will heal in profound ways!

Ask Mother Mary for assistant in releasing any old or heavy emotions connected to your mother so that you can better enjoy each moment of your life ! 

Address your past, understand why things happened ! learn from it,  then let it go !   If a situation is particularly hard or hurtful, pray to Mother Mary for guidance on what you need to do to address your past.  You don't have to  address  a hurtful situation by yourself. Ask Mother Mary to walk with you and send her Angels to stand next to you when returning back to particularly hurtful situation! They will give you strength, courage as you confront this pain.  They will also help you to release the pain and give it back to God, where it will be dissolved back into the white light. Then you can move forward spiritually, healthier and wiser.

Remember it is our history that dictates our future !  So lets begin our beautiful journey into our future by releasing our  heavy luggage of the past !

This up coming week, understand  that the past is very entwined with our current lives which just few moments ago was our future. 

Be well, do God's work,

Believe in Angels,


Sunday, July 21, 2013


" I trust my ability to know what is true for me "

After meditating in our prayer circle, praying to Jesus, Mother Mary and asking the angels for guidance, I went to my "Mother Mary Queen of Angels" Oracle Card Deck, and pulled a card for this upcoming week.  The card was "Integrity" card.  Now I have in the past posted the "Integrity" card, with the situation of the ( Bolder in my path ). Good news, I finally removed that bolder from the rosary path and now it sits of to the side in resignation to my Integrity ! 

So, while meditating to Mother Mary and  picking the card "Integrity" I asked mother Mary what is the meaning of this card and this is what she showed me:  Being a parent nowadays is very challenging with many opinions and directions that are thrown at you.  It is very important to maintain your course. The course that is true to your heart and soul. By maintaining your "gut feelings" about what is right for you and your  family and staying on course no matter what other people's opinions are is very important !. Always listen to what  your soul is saying. No matter how it looks at that time or what the general trend is at that moment, always go where your soul is leading you to or telling what you should  do.

I will give an example of "integrity" and what I didn't do despite my soul yelling at me.  Yesterday while checking out at the local supermarket, in front of me, a father, and his young daughter, were having a hard time deciding what they can afford to  buy and what food items they should return back. Immediately I said "yep my luck always in the wrong line". As I was starting to pull back out of the line I heard a quite voice say  "stay here and watch". As the Father and daughter begin sorting out what groceries they can and cannot buy, I immediately became humbled realizing what " I take for granted is somebody else's dream." Now in the past I have "covered" to pay for others peoples items when they came up short a few dollars and such. My "soul" was screaming to help them out ! Among the several items the cashier took away and put them in the return bin was   a little pink birthday cake, candles and candy sprinkles. For some reason I hesitated in saying anything and just ignored the situation.  Later on, I tried to justify my silence by not wanting to embarrass the father in front of his young daughter, etc.. 

I did not have integrity to myself or what my "gut feelings" were that day. My wife and I drove home, almost turning back several times fighting my common sense verses the right thing to do.

Integrity is doing what your soul feels is right !  Integrity to yourself !    Do not second guess your inner guidance, you will not have any regrets!

In this up coming week, be true to yourself, do what is right for you and what will be healthy for your soul. Have integrity for yourself, step up to the plate, and buy that birthday cake for that child!  Trust me your soul will sing !      

Be well and do God's work !


Monday, July 15, 2013


" I allow my Feminine nature to shine brightly as a valuable part of my identity "

Mother Mary demonstrates that you can be simultaneously feminine and strong.  Whether you're a women or a man, you have a feminine and a masculine nature.  This message for you to allow your feminine side to be more present and accessible to others. This week clues are the virtues such as nurturing, tenderness, sweetness, softness and gentleness.

Editors note:

( Yesterday afternoon after meditating in our prayer circle a strong message was given to me about Mother Mary messages. so... after praying and meditating, I pulled a oracle card which was  Feminine. )

So this week, let your Feminine virtues shine, and become a sister, mother, friend to a person who is in need a nurturing.

Do God's work, be well !


Sunday, July 7, 2013

little Angel

"Mother Mary always have a guardian Angel driving with you"

My Mother would always tell me "Edward always keep your passenger seat available for your guardian Angel".  Earlier in my life I was traveling hundreds of miles a week. Commuting from New York City to Buffalo on my days off, was itself a dangerous commute. So to appease my worried mother,  I kept my my passenger seat (which I thought was empty) available for my guardian angel.

In evidently, as things would happen one night after working a 16 hour shift, I was driving on the old 17 which is now called I-86  .  It was around 2 am, and I was going around 70 MPH when I didn't realize it but fell asleep at the wheel ! I was awakened by a shaking steering wheel, when I looked up, and all  I can remember is staring at the  the yellow center line and passing through a heard of deers. !   I tried jerking the wheel out of reaction but thank God,  I couldn't move the steering wheel.  During that split second of terror, in the corner of my right eye I seen a little blond hair girl sitting in the passenger seat with her little arm reaching over and holding on to the steering wheel! As I became more coherent of my situation and trying to clear my head,  I was able to safely slow the car down and  move away from the center yellow line and into the side of the road where I stopped the vehicle. I jumped out of the car, looked back down the road and seen the of the deer's slowly walking across the road. As if to validate, just what transpired, there was brown fur on both edges of my side view mirrors. Still in a little shock, I ran to the passenger side of the vehicle, and to my amazement, the plastic seat was still rising back up as if some one was sitting in the seat !

Your angels are always around you. You just have to invite them into your life !

As some of you already know, I have been writing a book on Mother Mary and her Angels.  If anyone of my readers would like to share your encounter of Mother Mary or her Angels, Please send me an e-mail of your story! All of your information will be confidential and only your first name will be used.  Please write your story or questions about Angels to;

This week have your Guardian Angels drive with you, walk with you,  Just ask them this simple request " Guardian Angel, please walk with me today, protect me from all harm and evil and guide me throughout my day. So be it !

Do God's work, and be well.

Believe in Angels !