Sunday, August 25, 2013

" Changes"

Mother Mary said Changes are part of our spirituality. As  seasons change, the cycle itself
 refreshes Mother Earth. New challenges!!! Changes are a healthy part of our spirituality.

How can we grow and learn from stagnation?

We may not like being taken out of our comfort zone, but we would learn nothing if we stayed
 in our little comfortable "boxes".  Like it or not, we are built for change, and we do well at it !.

One door closes and another door opens.

Here, I will give you an example.  When we were kids we would come in from the rain all wet.
We would dread taking of are clothes because we knew it would be even colder!  But after the changing of clothes, quickly we would become warmer !  We would look at our old wet clothes we were wearing, and say " thank God I am out of that wet clothes." 

So... this coming week if changes are coming at you, or they have been coming at you, Ask Mother Mary and her Angels to keep you strong, guide you, and show you what you need to do for a healthy change!

The Angels are there help us and guide us.  We are not alone!!!!

Believe in Angels!


Tuesday, August 20, 2013

A new start

"Mother Mary tells of a new start".

A new start  reminds me of spring. The old for the new. A second chance !
  Many times in our lives we find ourselves doing the same old thing and expecting new results. Mother Mary will help you to a new start. If you are facing a situation that keeps recurring and no matter what you do, that situation keeps coming back to you, well start a new approach. Sometimes this means walking away from a situation and starting anew. Ask
 Mother Mary for courage and let her Angels guide you !

This coming week if you need to change something in your life don't do it alone.  Ask Mother
 Mary for courage to change the things you can, and the wisdom to know
 the difference.

Be well, do Gods work !

Believe in Angels



Sunday, August 11, 2013


" My true father is God in heaven, Who shines healing light upon me, my birth Father, and our relationship "

After meditating in our Angel prayer circle, I ask Mother Mary what message does she want her children to know for the upcoming week.  As no surprise, the "Father" card was drawn.  It seems like there is a "theme".  Two weeks ago I pulled the " Mother " card, last week was the "Marriage" card and this week is the "Father" card ! So let us see what the message is for this week will be....

Your question is rooted in your relationship with your father.  Even though this connection may not be immediately understood, this card acknowledges the link. Most likely, old emotions concerning your father are affecting your present situation. If a memory surfaces as you read this, trust this pathway to lead you to healing.

Recalling a painful memory isn't pleasant, buy it's an important step towards releasing negative patterns.  If you have  old heavy hearted feelings about Dad, take a moment now to say this simple prayer

" God and Mother Mary, Thank you for helping me heal and release [ THE NAME OR THE EMOTIONAL SITUATION ] with my father so that he and I can be free" 

This upcoming week, fix your relationship with your father.  Be it forgiving him or letting go and starting fresh.  Remember he is only human and maybe he needs an angel to help him !

Be well, and do God,s work !

Believe in Angels !


Sunday, August 4, 2013


" I make a commitment to a healthy relationship with God, Myself, and my partner"

After meditating in the angel's prayer circle, asking mother Mary what is this coming's weeks message I  drew the " marriage" card. As I meditated on the message it was shown to me that marriage is not just a commitment to a spouse, but a commitment to a very important part of your life.  It could be a commitment to your spouse, a loved one, or something you love to do. Each person reading this message will know instinctively what commitment Mother Mary is taking about.

Mother Mary steps in and asks you to stop what you're doing and put your energy into your " marriage"  In fact, make a renewed commitment to it and all of your interpersonal relationships.  Allow yourself to care about and connect with each person or idea  you love.

For unmarried individuals, this card signals a positive and important change in your love life ! Allow yourself to be authentic and understanding to the situation at hand.

This coming week, re-affirm your commitment to yourself, partner or goals !

Be well, and do Gods work !

Believe in Angels !