Sunday, August 31, 2014

Earth Angels

Mother Mary has always shown to me that not only are there heavenly Angels but also many Earth Angels that walk among us! Including you!

You may not even know it but your actions (your good work) affect people in many positive ways.  Just last week while driving through countless counties, I looked at my gas gauge and realized I was at a quarter of a tank of gas. I knew I can at least drive another 75 miles and not worry (but that wasn't in the Angel's plan for me !).

As I was driving in the right lane, I was passing a gas station that was on the far left side of the road, knowing I did not need to stop at that particular station I was planning to stay on course and keep driving.  When all off a sudden as if something grabbed the steering wheel  and at the same I heard in my head " Ed stop at that gas station right now!!!' So, having given up a long time ago to the angels will, I just cut across the 4 lanes (safely of course) and  flew into the station, and came to a gas island that was empty of cars. Taking a second to realize just what happened, saying to myself that was really strange why I did that in such urgency, I got out of my vehicle, and started to pump gas.  

As I was pumping gas, I vaguely realized that a car pulled up right behind me. Almost halfway through the process of pumping my gas, I saw in the corner of my eye, an elderly lady come out of the car that had pulled up behind me, and she kept staring at the gas pump. I was getting ready to put the pump handle back into the pump,  When I heard "Ed look over there" when I looked at the lady she was now clearly in a panic state!  As I was staring at her, I asked are you ok? Do you need help?  I could tell she was holding back a lot of emotional pain.  She said in a very weak and shaky voice,   " I don't know how to use this machine, I am on empty and I need to get to the hospital quickly"  I said sure let me walk you through this, I have 4 daughters and a wife who I taught on how to do this.  I showed her where to put her credit card, select what type of gas, etc. As the process was going along smoothly, I heard from Angels "tell her that her Ike will be ok and that he is on the mend (So not fighting or second guessing my sanity anymore) I looked at her directly in her eyes, and said
 " you know Ike is going to be ok and that he is on the mend"  I said this matter of factually. I also said to her, I will put his name in to my prayer circle. Again as  to reiterate my statement I said he is going to be OK he is in very good hands.

She started to cry and shake even more. I immediately bit my tongue and said to myself now you did it!  In astonishment,  as if getting something off her chest, she said "my Hank is in the hospital"  he  had a major heart attack and I have been praying so hard to the lord. She further stated that, her prayer group has been praying really hard for "her Hank"  She then said, it has  been very hard on her because "her Hank  did everything for me including this gas thing". I am so afraid. So talked her through the process and  when the gas pumping was over, I said let's say a prayer for you and Hank.!  So we did pray of  the our father.  When we were finished saying our prayer she said thank you sir.  I said to her I don't know why I said Ike was going to be ok when your husbands name is Hank.  She looked at me like it was an eternity and said well, that's the name I call him when I need help !

This coming week when you are being guided to help someone, well help someone!

Believe in angels !



Sunday, August 24, 2014

Blessed water

Mother Mary tells us to " bless your water" !

Did you know that you can bless your water ? Scientific studies have shown that a person holding a cup of water while meditating, the cells within the water form to beautiful  geometric shapes like the ones you remember seeing  inside a  kaleidoscope!

 There was a story not to long ago about a young girl  who was told by her priest, to keep a jar of ground water in her house and when she walks past the water jug, to say a quick prayer over it. This would make the water " blessed water". In her area, the water from the ground was un -drinkable due to the water having a strong metal taste, and a high count of bacteria. So bottle water was the only way the community was able to drink clean healthy water.

In her home she had a very sick uncle who was running a high fever for days and the doctor was several towns away. While the sick uncle was in his feverous sleep, the young lady decided to run to the store and get some  bottled water for her sick uncle.  As she was leaving, as she would always do before she left the house, she would go by the water jug in the doorway touch the jug and say a quick prayer, and of she went to the store.

As the young lady was walking to the store, the uncle woke up and was very thirsty and delirious.  He search around his room for some water, however, he could not find any bottled water.  He then seen in the doorway a jug of water. He drank down several large gulps, and when his thirst was satisfied he went back to his bed, then went into a very deep sleep.  The next day he awoke, no fever, and feeling very rested with renewed energy.  When his niece noticed her uncle standing out of bed and walking. she was amazed how he was feeling,  in that just the other day he was a very sick man !  The niece quickly panic when she saw her uncle reach for the jug of dirty water and started to drink out of the jug she had been blessing.  She yelled in panic "don't drink that water it is  bad!" He looked at her rather confusedly and after drinking the last of the water he said to her, last night nobody was here and I was very thirsty and the only jug in the house was this jug full of water.  He then stated that it was the best, sweetest  tasting water he ever had!  I drank that sweet water, I went back to sleep and when I awoke I felt like a new man !  

The power of prayer....

Believe in Angels !


Sunday, August 17, 2014

God's creatures

Mother Mary says we can see and feel God's unconditional love through his animals.

Did you know that some of our best therapist in life  has a wet nose !  After a long and hard day we come home to a small furry creature who is usually the first to greet us at our place of refuge !Many times when we are at our wits end, we look at are furry friend and we see them looking back at us with love.  Unconditional love.

Through are fury friends, we can have a glimpse of God's simplicity of unconditional love.

Believe in Angels !


Sunday, August 10, 2014


Mother Mary says that being humble is an important part of your spirituality.

Remain quiet, and be humble in the presence of God! Is it not that God is always around us? When we are quiet and humble, it is then we can truly appreciate Gods works and hear the quiet whispers of the spirit.   For we are not being distracted by our own foolishness.

In this era of the "Stand up for yourself and be counted", " Be loud and proud"  If we are not careful, we become caught up in our egos, we lose are humbleness. We become self consumed,  selfish and Jaded.  Unfortunately, being humble nowadays is  viewed as weakness. 

 "The meek shall inherit the earth". Matthew 5:5

Meekness is simply the willingness to be our Creator.  

In The Kingdom of God, being humble is a step closer to God's love.

These are very trying days for our spirituality. The world is in chaos, people on the edge, everyone has an opinion  on what is right and what is wrong!   

In the center of life's hurricane, you should become the center or the eye of life's hurricane and remain quiet and humble and be a pillar of strength.

Here is a prayer that will help you to become humble and strong:  " Mother Mary, Queen of the heavenly Angles help me to be humble and strong, a pillar of strength for myself, family and the people in my life!  Please protect me from all of  life's chaotic storms. For the quiet and humble person knows that the strength, protection and wisdom of God is upon them"  Amen

Believe in Angels !


Sunday, August 3, 2014


"Mother Mary tells us that Angels send messages to us in many ways."

One special way is through birds ! What better way to send a message from a loved one than a bird who also flies high up in the heavens !

I can remember one day while I was thinking about my mother ( who crossed over) and just missing her.  She would always tell me " Ed look at that bird isn't it beautiful, then she would say you know God uses birds to talk to us ! "

Well one day, while working on my tractor, I heard fluttering around me.  When I looked up from my work I noticed a big black crow staring at me.  I found it peculiar that it was standing about 7 feet away from me and squawking at me ! When it drew my attention away from my work I heard in my mind " be careful with that screw driver ! I looked back at the screw driver that I used to pinned the sharpened blades to the grass cutter shield. This was so that I can reach into the blades to unclog  the grass cutting blades that inadvertently dragged  a tarp into it,  binding the blades.

What I didn't know, was that the tarp and the screw driver together held the blades from whirling around. Even though the engine was turned off, there was compression in the engine due to the engine  not completing a full cycle of it's pistons.

Anyway,  being concerned even more now that the crow made a stop just for me, I decided maybe I should put a heavy duty wood block in-between the blades and shield " just incase ! " I did. finally, after cutting the tarp  into pieces, within a quick second I saw the screw driver being pinched and then bend to the point where the blades was able to violently swing and dig at least an quarter of an inch into the wood !

Thanks Angels ! (and your messenger Mr. Crow)

Believe in Angels