Sunday, December 29, 2013

unconditional Love

Mother Mary's message for this week is "unconditional love"

While meditating and reflecting on what messages does Mother Mary want to  send her children, My wife and I, while staring at  are yellow Lab. heard "unconditional love". Even in nature you can find God's love.  Just as Mother Mary's son, Jesus, who unconditionally loves us, we also should unconditionally love our brothers and sisters. Yes there will always be disagreements among us, but at the end of the day hate the sin but love the person.  

This coming week or should I say this coming year, pray to Father Jesus, ask him to give you the strength as he had, to forgive and unconditionally love  people.  Mother Mary and her Angelic helpers are here to help and guide you in receiving this special blessing of "Unconditional Love".

Believe in Angels !


Sunday, December 22, 2013


Mother Mary states that charity is part of your spiritual growth

Sometimes during the hustle and bustle of our busy life style ( especially during the holidays) we forget the truly important part of our spiritual growth and the meaning of "Christmas". Today my wife and myself were running to the various stores intent on going from point "A" to point "B". As we were pulling up in front of a store, this disheveled elderly lady was digging in the various garbage containers looking for cans. Getting out of the car and running into the store, I quickly forgot the disturbing scene. Upon leaving the store the lady was  digging through another newly acquired garbage can, when my wife and I looked at each other and said that's just terrible.  Other people were walking around her totally ignoring the disheartening scene. As our eyes were watching the elderly lady, a warm feeling came over us and together in the same time we looked at each other and said we should some how help her. We didn't have much cash on us and I don't think she was able to except credit cards, so we gave most of our cash we had on us, to the lady.  Merry Christmas !we said to her as she excepted the cash, and  smiled !as we  drove away  to our next destination.  Did we save her from future strive ? probably not, but today she didn't have to dig through no one else's garbage.

During this Holiday, don't forget the true meaning of Christmas.

Believe in Angels !!!


Sunday, December 15, 2013

Being Well

"Mother Mary wants you to know,  make sure you take time to take care of your health during the busy Holidays "

With the hustle and bustle of making sure everything is ready for the Christmas celebration, we tend to forget  ourselves especially our health !  Make sure to take time to "celebrate our health" and give ourselves, healthy presents like a nice long walk, or a full body massage ! Take a holiday for yourself.  You deserve it ! Another words, give yourself a present!

As we are heading towards mother Mary's son's birthday; Jesus, lets make sure, we show Jesus that we cherish and take care of the beautiful present that was given to us.... If your not to sure what the present is... look in the mirror !

Believe in Angels !


Sunday, December 8, 2013


Mother Mary says " Keeping your family safe starts with you !"

Myself  being a first responder, I would hear over and over by my trainers " who is going to rescue the rescuer ?" good point !

With this season at hand, unpredictable weather along with painful surprises that it could bring, be prepared ! Take care of yourself so that you can take care of those you  love!

Always have enough items , to sustain your loved ones ( and yourself) until the emergency passes. There are many sites that will help you to prepare for unseen emergencies. PLEASE TAKE HEED !

Mother Mary says that " Charity starts at home " ! Ask your Angels to guide you in preparing. You will know what you and your family will  need to keep them safe and warm.

Believe in angels !


Sunday, December 1, 2013

Angel Whispers

"Mother Mary's Angels talk to you when your spirit is listening."

I had posted this blog awhile ago.  However, after doing my morning meditating, again a strong message came through telling me to re-post this blog. It seems that Mother Mary and her Angels are showing me that some of my  readers need to read again and practice on how to communicate with there Angels.  So you know who you are, and they are patiently waiting to help you. !   

Another technique in communicating with your angels, that is very powerful and many of this site's followers have reported amazing, results. In the early stages of your waking up from your sleep cycle, while your mind is still clear of worldly thoughts. This small corridor while your still in between this world and the spiritual world, is one of the most advantageous times in communicating to your spirit guides and your Angels. Some people spend years meditating themselves into to this state. I find it much easier to  train yourself to utilize this small window of opportunity while you are in the very first stages of waking up.

Amazingly this not hard at all to accomplish.  The challenging part is recognizing you're emerging from the spiritual world (dream world) and returning to reality. This takes practice. I'll give you an example:

When I first realize that I am waking up, I try not to think about the upcoming daily events, but think of just where I was during my sleep. after awhile, you can easily clear your racing mind and return back into what I call the (Matrix).  Just as you are fluctuating between spiritual world and reality, consciously ask a question to your Angel.  You will hear a answer in a form of whisper or a picture.  Sometimes you will get both which I call (hear/see).  The more you practice this technique, the easier it will become.  Sometimes, I don't hear anything or see any pictures in response to my question. However; as in my last few teachings of communicating with Angels have shown, the answer may come through animals, birds and other situations. You will be drawn to a situation that is unfolding and within that scenario the Angels will show what they want you to know concerning your questions.

After awhile, if you keep practicing this technique ( I highly recommend this format ) , this door of communication will absolutely  amaze you with beautiful results.  For example sometimes when I am in this (matrix) all I hear is very beautiful classical music.  A side note, I have been playing classical piano music my whole life and I have never heard that kind a beautiful classical music before! When I awaken I hear that music the whole day, making me very relaxed, spiritually guided and knowing that I am very loved.

This coming week try to "wake up before you wake up" and start a beautiful life journey through this simple technique.

Be well, and do God's work.

Believe in Angels,