Sunday, January 26, 2014

Mother Mary

Mother Mary

During meditation and prayer sessions,  Mother Mary's  presence was very strong. The message Mother Mary wants everyone of her children to know is that; ( Actually it was more like a declaration)  "each and everyone of my children (pathfinders,  indigo, crystal ) are very blessed and watched over by me and my Angels ! you are very blessed my child !  recognize and accept it !"

(Writers note) As I was attempting to write  the messages down, the presence of Mother Mary was very strong and made sure that the above mentioned statement was accurate and precise. It is my belief and understanding of this message that some of my readers, needed to hear this.  For what reason... only you know... 

My interpretation of Mother Mary's  message would be:  know that you are blessed and  protected by Mother Mary and her Angels!  Now go back out to the world and do God's work ! Stop being afraid,  doubting your blessings and your life mission of earth angel work !

Tonight before falling asleep meditate and pray to mother Mary and her son Jesus. Pray for guidance and strength !

This up coming week, let Mother Mary and her Angels guide you while you conduct earth Angel work !

Be strong ! Be confident !

Believe in Angels !



Sunday, January 19, 2014


The Mother Mary's message for this week Helping.

 Helping is an integral part of our soul's well being.  By helping others we help our souls to advance.  Take the time out from your busy schedule and help someone who is struggling. Helping someone to get their car out of a snow bank, opening a door for someone, giving a blanket to someone who is cold...

Mother Mary and her Angels appreciate and acknowledge "earth Angels" like yourself. Believe me, they know and they will also call on you to help someone when their are in need.

This coming week be an angel and help someone in need....

Do God's work and be well.

Believe in Angels !


Sunday, January 12, 2014


"my clear mind is easily able to focus and concentrate "

Here is a repost. Being the beginning of the New Year, lets start with a new resolution !  Mother Mary wants all of her children to be free from all controlling factors that negatively influence her children's  life's. ! 

 Mother Mary supports your intentions to have a addiction-free life style ! Addictions, block your spiritual door way. It is like having a edge of a rug blocking your access to opening a door. Emotional eating for example, deprives your spirituality of healthy thoughts ! Remember a healthy body is a healthy mind and the reverse ! As we all know after our  "momentarily good feeling" are gone, ( quickly I might add) we are left with  even more of a craving, and the vicious cycle continues.

Break the vicious cycle of cravings/addictions with the help of Mother Mary and her Angels ! Say this simple prayer everyday

" Mother Mary queen of heaven please help me to become strong in my moments of weakness, take away the %$#&#@* from my life and replace it  with your beautiful white light of love and healing".  As you are praying this simple prayer, picture Mother Mary's healing energy infusing your body, mind and spirit from your head to your toes ! This a very strong meditational prayer that will help you to over come any addictions.  Say this prayer in the morning before you get out of bed, during the day when you feel weak and vulnerable, and before your last thoughts of the day, before you fall asleep. 

Believe in Angels !

Sunday, January 5, 2014


Mother Mary's message is prayer

"Prayer is important to your spirituality, as substance is to your physical well being" Prayer is very important part of our soul's well being.  Mother Mary, her son Jesus and the angels listen to each and every prayer we recite.  Nothing is missed and every word is heard !

For example, every day during my commute to work and the return trip, I turn off the radio, and I start to pray and converse with Mother Mary, Jesus and the Angels. Before you know it, I am home and feeling like I just had a meeting with God !  I feel great and I have renewed spiritual strength.  Knowing that God heard my prayers and loves me so much that he sent Mother Mary, Jesus and the Angels to help and guide me through my life's ups and downs.

So... the next time you feel sad  lonely or scared, talk or pray to Mother Mary , Jesus or the Angels or all three of them, what a car pool that would be !!!!  (The only draw back of this is you still cannot use the commuter lane)

There is no excuse to be in a car by yourself talking! People in the other vehicle's seeing you talking with no one else in the car but yourself is very  common now days !  Hands free technology !!! So its ok ! It could even fall under the auspice of time management. Especially if you have a busy schedule before and after work hours. What better way to manage your "down time"

This week while driving to work strike up a conversation with you car "pool buddies"

Do God's work, and  believe in Angels !