Sunday, June 29, 2014


Mother Mary says " Have faith in my son's love "

You are truly loved. God created you in his own image. His plans are bigger than your ideas.  Many times we think we are in charge of our destiny when in reality we are doing what God wants us to do.  Like it or not, God puts us in the right place at the right time.  The problem is many times we for get that. ! Wherever you are, do your best and let God do the rest ! 

Have faith in Gods love. Know that you are loved and cherished. Remember God gave his only son to man kind, to guide, and love us. All we have to do is pray to Jesus for guidance and have faith in his mysterious ways.

Let go and let God !

Believe in Angels !


Sunday, June 22, 2014

Your a Counselor !

You would be very surprised just how many people are strengthened by watching you !

Mother Mary said we are all entrusted with helping each other.  Your struggles, your victories are lessons for other people ! People view your strength as hope ! Going through tough life lessons enables us to help other people.  Been there done that ! is the best qualification for a counselor degree !

With the guidance of Mother Mary and her Angels, you will be able to help God's children who are walking paths that you have already forged.

This coming week,  remember you are God's worker, counseling the children of this world ! Pretty awesome right !

Believe in Angels !


Sunday, June 15, 2014

Count your blessing !

Mother Mary says count your blessing... and you will be surprised !

Many times we forget just what we are blessed with.  We get caught up in are lives, family situations, careers and we don't see what we already have and how we are truly blessed ! Everyday you wake up and feel the morning sun on your face is a blessing in itself ! The little things we take for granted, are actually big things in our lives !

Many poets, song writers, philosophers keep writing about this over and over throughout history it goes like this...
" You don't know what you have until you lose it "  Think about that....

So this week if you are looking for a blessing and a miracle, my guess is that you will not have to look to far.... 

Here is a prayer I like to use to reaffirm my blessing that I already have !

" Mother Mary thank you for all of my blessings from heaven !  Mother Mary, I pray to you to keep showering me and my family with your blessing and from heaven, and may all of your Angels deliver them to me  and my family !

This coming week look around you and you will see all the blessing from heaven that you have already received !( and more to come) !

Believe in Angels !



Sunday, June 8, 2014

All is well

Mother Mary says all is well. Even during life storms, know that this will pass. Storms come and go just as life storms do.  As during a summer storm we all find shelter to keep  safe.  During life storms we can find shelter by praying for protection and guidance ! Unfortunately, sometimes life storms makes us pray when we should of been praying all along. The blessing is knowing that Mother Mary is always there for us "storms or no storms, she is always near to us, hearing us, loving us !

So, if your in a "storm" know that with prayers and guidance from Mother Mary and her Angels, the "storms" will pass and a new day will emerge. Stay strong ! 

Say this little prayer during our life storms.

Mother Mary and your beautiful Angels of the white light, protect me from all harm and evil, give me strength and guidance through this storm.

Believe in Angels !



Sunday, June 1, 2014

"my clear mind is easily able to focus and concentrate "

After prayers and meditation, it was shown to me by mother Mary's Angels that I need to repost one  of Mothers Mary's messages of "sobriety" So, You know who you are or you might have a friend who is in need of this message from Mother Mary.

Mother Mary supports your intentions to have a addiction-free life style ! Addictions, block your spiritual door way. It is like having a edge of a rug blocking your access to opening a door. Emotional eating for example, deprives your spirituality of healthy thoughts ! Remember a healthy body is a healthy mind and the reverse ! As we all know after our  "momentarily good feeling" are gone, ( quickly I might add) we are left with  even more of a craving, and the vicious cycle continues.

Break the vicious cycle of cravings/addictions with the help of Mother Mary and her Angels ! Say this simple prayer everyday

" Mother Mary queen of heaven please help me to become strong in my moments of weakness, take away the %$#&#@* from my life and replace it  with your beautiful white light of love and healing".  As you are praying this simple prayer, picture Mother Mary's healing energy infusing your body, mind and spirit from your head to your toes ! This a very strong meditational prayer that will help you to over come any addictions.  Say this prayer in the morning before you get out of bed, during the day when you feel weak and vulnerable, and before your last thoughts of the day, before you fall asleep.

Believe in Angels !