Monday, April 28, 2014

Inner Guidance

Mother Mary reminds us to listen to our inner guidance.  We all receive messages from Mother Mary and her angels to help and protect us on a daily basis.  We must learn to listen to this guidance.  It most often comes to us as a "Gut Feeling".  This may be a simple thing like turning right instead of left, an uneasiness about a person or a situation. When you strongly or consistently feel something, don't over think or analyze it, just go with it as this is divine guidance sent to protect you and help you out.

Believe in Angels!

Sunday, April 20, 2014


When you see a rainbow, that is Mother Mary saying to you she is near to you, showing her love for you and that everything will be ok.

Every time I see a rainbow I know Mother Mary is telling me she loves me very much and everything will be ok. Whether you see a rainbow in the sky, or a rainbow on your wall, it is mother Mary reminding you that she is close to you and loves you very much ! 

As I remind everyone during readings, when you see a rainbow tell Mother Mary "I love you too !"  Remember, even in the bible, a rainbow always signifies Gods love and that storms come and then they go !

I will give you an example; During one of my many life's crises Mother Mary would always have rainbows showing up telling me  that she is near to me, loving me, guiding me and that everything will be ok . After the life storm  would fade away, ( as they always do) I would always smile knowing I was never alone. During the bad storms of my life I was always held and protected !

Thank you Mother Mary for you and your beautiful loving angels !  

Rainbows, Rainbows, Rainbows !

When you see  a rainbow  tell Mother Mary " I love you too Mother Mary !"

Believe in Angels !


Sunday, April 13, 2014

Angels ! I need help !

Call  Mother Mary's  Angels when you need help !

Mother Mary will always send you help when you call upon her Angels.  Yesterday, finally having time for "down time" We made our way to our cabin, settled in and turned on our water and vola' we had the only sprinkler system in the woods !

Finally figuring out what was wrong I got to work.... only to have a ( check valve ) frozen in place and no matter how much pressure I would put into turning the part so that I can take it off it would not move.  It was definitely a two man job.  My wife, recovering from her foot surgery could not help me.  Soo... in my hour of need I called out "ANGELS I NEED YOUR HELP" scratching my head I decided to call my neighbor to see if he had a local and trusted plumber that I can use.  His wife answered and said that she will ask him and call right back.  In several minutes my neighbor ( Shane) came up the dirt road and said  "hi what's going on ?"  I showed him what my dilemma was and with his assistance, I got the part off and was able to continue on my repair ! He did not have a plumbers phone number, however, when I was in the local hardware store I got a number for a trusted plumber.

At the end of my plumbing quest, I was able to use my water system.

  •   Did an Angel come down with a plumbing wrench ? No ! ( I think I would of had the "big one" if that happened ) No, but a friend came to help me, and gave me guidance and confidence that I can do this!
  • Found a plumbers number if needed...
  • the day was saved !!!
Thanks Angels for being next to me, guiding me  and giving me  confidence in myself in my hour of need.
Believe in Angels !

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Positive thoughts

" Its not our circumstances that makes us negative but our outlook "

Set your mind on victory and success before you get out of bed. ! You were created to win !  Get rid of your negativity and replace it with positive thoughts. Remember, like attracts like.

Mother Mary says that "when we wake up in the morning, it is important to start the day with a  positive  affirmation.  Your foundation of your day is in the morning when you wake up !"

The first time we are conscious of our new day say this simple prayer;

"Todays is a new day, created by my loving God !  I will dwell in the love and light my God has created for me ! My angels will walk with me and guide me through out my day".

Believe in yourself !, believe in Angels !