Sunday, October 20, 2013

"Me Time"

In a world of demand, you need to demand "Me Time"

Being a parent, spouse, or a caregiver it is easy to forget about yourself and your needs.  When was the last time you took care of your needs ? After meditating, Mother Mary showed me that although it is important to take care of your responsibilities, you must take care of your needs too!

For example. After a hectic day at work and family responsibilities my wife and I decided to "take a break" and go watch the Sunset! It was hard with our schedules, something always needs tending to we had to work to get "me time" but we did it!

 I didn't realize how important it was to get there to watch the sunset, but it was quickly apparent that it was quite important! Just as we arrived the sun was beginning to set with all of its beautiful colors,  and a promise of a new day! All the worries, anxieties and uncertainties were  put aside! Breathing the fresh air, and watching Gods beautiful canvas forming in front of our eyes; peacefulness immediately replaced our worldly worries. We were just fixed on God's ever evolving canvas and all the beautiful colors of the rainbow. As the sun was touching the land I heard Gods voice say "give me  all of your worries and hurt and I take them with me with a promise of a new day! Troubles will come and they will go but know tomorrow is a new day and I'll be with you.

On the way back home I felt recharged emotionally and spiritually. Ready for whatever tomorrow throws at us.  

This week in between your hectic scheduling, take some "me time".  You will be surprised what you have been missing. 

Believe in Angels !


Sunday, October 13, 2013

Changes "again"

 "Sometimes no matter what our plans are, nature has hers too and  rarely does it coincide with ours"

After prayer's and meditating, I planed on cutting the grass and working on the rosary path.  My day was all planed out ! Then it started to rain and rain. Working all week, family functions, my time is very limited and only a well planned out schedule of "things to do" can work. Somebody or some thing throwing a proverbial wrench into "my machinery" could and will throw me off of my "well oiled machinery"

Ok plan "B" or plan "C" if I have too, I'll go through the alphabet plan.

Mother Mary keeps reminding us that changes are a constant art of our lives!   Like it or not,
 Mother Mary reminds us, we are built for change and rising to the occasion makes us healthier,  physically and spiritually!

We may not like changes but life happens and with the guidance of Mother Mary and her Angels,
along with our determination we can adapt and over come all of life's obstacles.

This is the second time in several weeks that "changes" are coming through after meditating and praying to Mother Mary! It appears some of my readers are going through several changes and
need to understand "changes".  Changes could be scary, aggravating, confusing and just plan sad. Again I say to you pray to Mother Mary for guidance, ask the Angels to help you, look in the Mirror and say out loud! I am beautiful, I am strong and God loves me very much! There is nothing that
 can stand in my way!

This up coming week on your calendar book, instead of writing your schedule in ink, write it down in

Rock on sisters and brothers!

Believe in Angels!




Sunday, October 6, 2013

Inner Child

" I nurture the child within me through playfulness and self-care"

 Mother Mary watches over all of her children. including the child who resides within you  This message reminds you to care for your inner child who is crying out for attention. If you are only working and not having any "fun time" this will result in sadness, exhaustion and feeling neglected !

This message is for you to create time for amusement and play.

This up coming week, while scheduling  and making appointments on your calendar, don't forget to schedule  your play time.

Believe in Angels !