Sunday, March 31, 2013


"Notice ,trust the signs that heaven continually sends"

Mother Mary says that heaven is continually sending blessings and messages to you ! Pay close attention to the signs that come to you in the many forms.

Angels  communicate to us through nature, music, situations, and other people who angels work through.  I can write a book on how many times Angels have communicated to me through nature, music, situations and other people.  Many people have asked me during my " Communicating with your  Angels" lectures, How do you know when the angels are talking to you ? I would say them over and over just like I am repeating my answer to the group, it is Repetition ! or the scene you are viewing you sense a moving sensation go right through you, or that feeling of ahaa ! You keep hearing that song over and over, or a  song that you just keep hearing in your head...

Today I will challenge you with this statement..

They say seeing is believing correct ? I 'll challenge that and say "believing is seeing"  Open your eyes ! wake up your sleeping spirit and turn on your spiritual radio and hear a new language !

Believe in Angels !

Edward Daniel


Thursday, March 28, 2013


" Instead of worrying, pray about the situation to bring about real solution "

Prayers are powerful and have positive effects, so apply this to your present situation. if you feel stuck, confused, powerless, or in pain. Surrender these feelings to heaven, and ask for divine intervention. Then listen carefully for God's messengers, the Angels ! who deliver his guidance to you in the form of feelings, signs, ideas, visions, and dreams.

Let go and let God !

Believe in Angels !

Edward Daniel

Wednesday, March 27, 2013


" I am clear and honest with others about my expectations "

Mother Mary said that God does not make victims. So do not let your self become one ! This message is about self-empowerment. Instead of blaming others passively, convey your expectations and true feelings to them.  Stand up  for yourself, don't be aggressive, but be assertive ! People only do things to you if you let them ! Ask Jesus, Mother Mary and her Angels to guide your words so that you maintain your boundaries from the stand point of love instead of fear ! You will respect yourself more, because you're treating yourself lovingly.

believe in Angels !

Edward Daniel 


"my clear mind is easily able to focus and concentrate "

Mother Mary supports your intentions to have a addiction-free life style ! Addictions, block your spiritual door way. It is like having a edge of a rug blocking your access to opening a door. Emotional eating for example, deprives your spirituality of healthy thoughts ! Remember a healthy body is a healthy mind and the reverse ! As we all know after our  "momentarily good feeling" are gone, ( quickly I might add) we are left with  even more of a craving, and the vicious cycle continues.

Break the vicious cycle of cravings/addictions with the help of Mother Mary and her Angels ! Say this simple prayer everyday

" Mother Mary queen of heaven please help me to become strong in my moments of weakness, take away the %$#&#@* from my life and replace it  with your beautiful white light of love and healing".  As you are praying this simple prayer, picture Mother Mary's healing energy infusing your body, mind and spirit from your head to your toes ! This a very strong meditational prayer that will help you to over come any addictions.  Say this prayer in the morning before you get out of bed, during the day when you feel weak and vulnerable, and before your last thoughts of the day, before you fall asleep.  

Believe in Angels !

Edward Daniel 

Tuesday, March 26, 2013


"I expect good things to happen, and they do !

Every day when I awaken, the first thought of my day is " its going to be a good day" !
Even though I know my day is full of "OMG really !"  or "you got to be kidding me"
 starting out your day  on the right foot is paramount ! Surround yourself with positive
 thoughts and you will shield yourself from negative energies. Claim your day as yours
 and it will be yours !

Optimism is a form of faith and trust in God. Many studies have shown that optimistic
 people enjoy many health benefits. You can develop this trait by praying
 " Mother Mary, please let me see this situation through your eyes"

Be optimistic about your future, as it is created by your present moment decisions and
actions ! 

Believe in Angels !

Edward Daniel

Monday, March 25, 2013


" I trust in Divine timing "
God's timing is perfect ! In a world of instant gratification, In this modern age, we want what we want when we want it! and we want it now!

We forget, Mother Mary and her Angels know what we need and not want we want !
 Have patience with Gods plans and solutions.  If you try to control, force, or push your
own agenda, you may miss out on an infinitely better alternative. Ask Mother Mary  to
help you demonstrate her infinite patience and trust in Gods timing.

Believe in Angels !

Edward Daniel


Sunday, March 24, 2013

Mother Mary in my Life

When I was young, my mother would always tell me “Ed, pray to Mother Mary and she will answer your prayers”. Being young, with the world in front of me in the midst of conquering my life, I didn’t pay attention. Over the years and life situations my mother and I fell further away from each other. But each time I would call her up, the conversation would always end with “Don’t forget to pray to Mother Mary”

One day my mother passed away, at that time we were having a falling out and not talking. That’s how we parted. Stunned and realizing I would never had the chance to make amends or tell her how much I loved her, left me in a very sad and disheveled state of being.

One day while walking I came across a picture of Mother Mary in a window and heard my mother’s voice “Pray to Mother Mary” That night I went home and prayed to Mother Mary.

After several months of praying one night I was awakened by someone taping my toe. (Only my mother did that when I was young) I opened my eyes wondering - we have no pets or anything that would do that! Thinking I was dreaming I went back to sleep only to have my toe tapped again. I sat up knowing what I just felt! On the wall in front of my bed there was a mist or fog forming. I immediately thought there was smoke from a fire; all of sudden Mother Mary was on my wall smiling down at me. I rubbed my eyes and then I saw my mother quietly standing next to her smiling also! Thinking I was losing my mind I then heard in a hundred female voices three times “Your mother is with me and everything will be fine.”

After the vision disappeared I laid back down stunned but feeling at peace with a warm calm.

Thank you mother Mary! Forever I will tell my story. I will make Rosaries in your honor with my hands so that the wearer can be blessed and their prayers will be heard and answered. Just as my prayers were heard by you, Mother Mary

Since my vision of Mother Mary, I have been blessed not only emotionally and spiritually, but received "gifts" from the Holy spirit, and Mother Mary. I am currently writing a book on my experiences with Mother Mary and the on going angelic counters I have had. ( Read Doreen Virtue's comments about my story in her book "Mary Queen of Angels" pages 70 and 71 
I have started a blog so that I may share  stories along with other readers who have had encounters with Mother Mary and her Angels. Every day, after meditation, I will post a message from Mother Mary so that the readers will have a "thought for the day".  Many times the "thought for the day" will have a  divine meaning to the reader.

I also have a  prayer request section where you can submit your prayer requests. I will take your prayer requests to my prayer circle where  I pray to Mother Mary.

For the all of our  followers, as I was  walking through the woods and meditating, I have received another divinely guided  vision concerning the Rosary path. Now that in my heart I feel the design is completed, the building has started. I will in the near future, take pictures of the progression of the rosary path so that I can share are experiences  of honoring Mother Mary with you. 

Please pray for me, so that I may have the strength, the courage, and guidance to complete this rosary path in honoring Mother Mary, and her Son Jesus.            

God Bless,

Believe in Mother Mary and her Angels !        

Edward Daniel