Sunday, November 30, 2014


Mother Mary says that patience is a blessing !  Pray for patience when praying for blessings ! In a world of instant e-mails, instant dinners, instant responses, the blessing's of patience is easily lost. We forget that it took God even 7 days to make to the world !
So, when praying for a miracle, also pray to be patient.  
Believe in Angels!


Sunday, November 23, 2014

circle of love

Good morning ;
As I was meditating and praying today, I heard a strong but gentle female voice. I have heard this saying several times in the past when I was meditating but for some reason not only did I hear it again today, but it was also shown to me in a carving on a stone. This message is for someone who obviously needs to here this. So I thought I would share this simple but powerful message.
" to love someone gives you strength~ to be loved by someone gives you courage "
Thank you Mother Mary.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Love my children

Mother Mary said "Love all of my children as you love your own."

In God's eyes, all of his children are of the same family. Love is an equal opportunity word.  However,  many times we pick and choose the meaning when it come to this word. 

Especially this coming holidays, lets not forget the less fortunate "family members"  Now days you see it on television and on the internet  how the earth Angels are being punished for feeding the poor and taking care of their fellow brothers and sisters. It is to the point where an act of kindness towards your brother and sister  is not appreciated or even desired.

At the end of your day, did you help out your fellow brothers and sisters ? Even a simple prayer to our Father is showing compassion towards your "extended family".

In this coming week, reach out to one of your extended family members...

"he's not heavy, he's my brother"

Believe in Angels !