Sunday, September 28, 2014

Stay the course

This afternoon, while cutting the grass, the breeze was blowing gently, I seen a butterfly struggling in the breeze trying to make headway.  No matter how hard the little butterfly tried the breeze would blow him back.

Isn't life sometimes like that ?  The harder we try the more backward we go....

Mother Mary says stay true to you course and perseverance will carry you through.

Later on the observed the little butterfly, in between the blowing breezes, took little short flights until it made it fully across the meadow!  Lesson learned!

I asked Mother Mary for patience this weekend on something that was making me anxious and irritated.  I really tried to progress in this situation but to no avail did it even come close to my schedule.   When I was cutting the field, and meditating to the Angels on how they can help I heard  "Ed look over there"  As I looked I saw the little butterfly.....

So... I did the same thing. took short rests in-between the mammoth project, stayed true to the course and I too made it "across a big vast field"  project completed !

Thank you Mother Mary and your Angels for showing my answer through one of your little winged Angel's !!

Believe in Angels !


Sunday, September 21, 2014

Life storms ( again)

Mother Mary said like storms in nature, life storms come and go. That's is part of life. 

Many times we are put into a situation that we never intended to be in or it was none of our doing. But we are in the storm. We as humans try to understand or reason away why storms happens to us.  Sometimes there is no rhyme and no reason why storm's are happening, but they do and we are in the middle of it.

Mother Mary says "have faith in my son for only he knows why the wind blows"  I guess for me, I must have faith and keep praying to my Father and Mother Mary for strength, courage and the will to keep moving forward.  Sometimes horrific situations in life makes us stronger in prayer.

Believe in Angels !!!


Sunday, September 14, 2014

Earth Angel II

Earth Angels walk among us.

This week a fellow co-worker became a "Blue Angel".  As many have heard a Rochester Police Officer was murdered in the line of duty, while protecting his fellow citizens.

Earth angels, come in different forms and perform different duties. Being a earth Angel, God calls upon you to perform various duties,  even in  a wider variety of careers. Many times being a light worker, we don't know how many people we help.  On known to us, they way we live our lives, is an inspiration to others.  It is not our jobs to count how many times "we think we have helped someone" but it is our job to better ourselves and in return, better our fellow brothers and sisters. Sometimes, we put ourselves in harms way to protect our brothers and sisters and  sometimes give the ultimate sacrifice.

" there is no greater love than to give up your life for someone else".  This earth Angel stopped a bad man from hurting a fellow brother or sister.

Angels are like stars, sometimes you cant see them, but you know they are always around !

Believe in Angels !



Sunday, September 7, 2014


During my last meditation with Mother Mary, it was shown to me just how important music is to  soul.

When I was growing up in my earlier youth, I would wake up to hear classical music "playing in my head" I would try to keep the music going.... and when I went to the piano, I would replay what I heard while waking up. Usually if I can transcribe the song accurately, it would sound so heavenly. Then that song would stay with me all day making me feel really good.

Music is the language of your soul.  So when your down, had a hard day, and your body is just beat-up from the day, play music that your soul knows all to well, lite cherry, relaxing music. Brahms, Mozart, Beethoven and hundreds of other classical artist.

Music is medicine to the soul !!!

Believe in Angels,