Sunday, May 25, 2014

" I hear you !"

" I hear you ! "

During a "bad" week, I was tired, emotionally drained and spiritually challenged!  Yes it was a bad week.  I prayed to father Jesus and said this prayer : "Father please show me how much how love me and that I am not alone. I do know you love me and you are always near to me, but a little confirmation would go a long way's today, especially today !".

I ask Mother Mary also in my prayers "Mother Mary please tell your son that I need spiritual support and encouragement !


The next day while working in the community, I ran into this guy on the street who kept looking at me. So finally I made eye contact with him nodded and said "hello".  This person approached me and said " You look very familiar do I know you ? I said I don't think so.  He further said I am a Pastor at one of the local church here in town and maybe you came to my church ? I said I am not really from around hear. Then he said well you may think this is strange and I don't know if you believe in the holy spirit but  I have to tell you what I just heard.  I said go on... he said this to me  "You are a blessed man. The holy spirit is strong within you, giving you wisdom and discernment" he further stated " You already know that Jesus walks with you and his angels are always around you  protecting you" You have a special place with the Angels ! 

He then said to me, I hope you don't think that I am crazy, but I had to tell you what the holy sprit had shown  me. He then shook my hand said I was a blessed man, and walked away !

Let me tell you folks, I was a charged battery ! Thank you Jesus, thank you Mother Mary, and thank you Angels and most of all thank you for that "Crazy" Pastor !!! ( earth angel)

Believe in Angels !



Sunday, May 18, 2014


Miracles are delivered in many ways like you !

In life we never know how we touch other peoples lives.  A friendly word, gesture or just a smile can change around a person's bad day to a good one !   Sometimes a word of encouragement is all that we need to make things turn around ! a miracle !

So this coming week, when you see somebody who is not doing good, having a hard time, give them a smile, encouragement or  just say hello ! you will be surprised how you may change that person day. It might be just the miracle that they were looking for. 

Be well and do God's work!

Love and light,


Sunday, May 11, 2014

Courage II

When we face challenging things in our lives, ask Mother Mary and her Angels to guide and protect you.

Sometimes, in our lives we face situation that are uncomfortable and very challenging. Facing these challenges requires us to step out of our comfort zone and deal with a situation that is not normal.  Challenges that scare us, it is normal to be uncomfortable. 

With courage, we shine in our darkest moments.

Be assured that the Angels will walk with us, keeping us safe, while we find courage within ourselves. You are not alone !!!   

Have a great week, do Gods work and be well.


Sunday, May 4, 2014


Friends are an important part of our lives.   That being said, the old saying "you are who you hang with !" Friends can be a two edge sword. The good people in our lives affect us in  positive ways. However, We all have "those friends" who inadvertently affects us in negative ways. If you hang out with friends who seems to be going through "drama and trauma" all of the time, you must be very careful because the negative energy  will start rubbing off on you !

It is like a chess player who interacts with a lower level chess player rather interacting with a player who is very good at chess. Eventually, practicing with a lower level player  you  inadvertently loose your good skills and became the same class of player  who you  have been trying to help out!.

It is ok to "visit and help that person but do not hang out with them"

Many times we hang out with people who are not good for our well being just so that we are not alone. Remember this, As Joel Osteen would say, " Its ok to be by yourself for awhile rather than be poisoned for a life time" 

Believe in Angels,