Monday, January 18, 2016

Long Distance Yellow Hello

It was Late Fall of 2015, while working on my land I had  an unexpected "guest" made an arrival.  On my land we had several trees that during late fall turn yellow before the leaves fall to the ground. Being an observer  of the trees, especially near to my cabin, I knew I had two of those trees one which just lost all of its yellow leaves.

While working, and thinking about life's ongoing traumas, worrying about my family etc.  ( I find it very therapeutic  while working in the woods).  As I was working the land, I had a feeling of being "carefully watched", and not being alone in the woods. I brushed it off thinking I have been in Law enforcement way too long and just brushing off the weekly  "yucky's"  of police work !  

I kept glancing at the area I was feeling someone or something was carefully watching me ! I kept looking towards the area repeatedly looking at the two yellow trees as if something again was keenly watching me ! As I turned back to my work, I realized something wasn't right with the view I have just seen.  I knew one of the trees had already lost its yellow leaves and there should just be ONE yellow tree ! and not two !

Slowly I turned back to the two yellow trees, scratching my head thinking maybe I should retire because now I am questioning my sanity when one of the yellow trees looked like it was alive and the branches and leaves were  slowly moving around! I went back into the cabin and retrieved my binocular's and focused on the " bare tree" that was now yellow and alive ! I was closely looking at the tree, when I seen hundreds of little eyes looking at me. !!!! Upon closer observation of the tree,  it was apparent that those little eyes were belonging to hundreds of interesting  (not from this area) yellow birds. !  The strange thing was, I never seen those kind of birds before !   and never before did I ever see all of the birds looking at one direction, the direction of me !

I acknowledged them and said hello and welcome strangers !   Knowing they were not from this area I told them out loud "relax you are safe here" ! I heard one of the yellow birds who was by itself in the other bare tree while looking at me  squawk loudly , then one by one all of the yellow birds started to fly away, until there was only one yellow tree !

The birds were Yellow Evening Grosbeak from Northern Canada.  They were heading south when They decided to land next to me and say Hello !

Angels talk to us  through many forms of communication, This was a hello from a long distance ! oh and we are watching you and know that we are close you !  

Thank you Angels !

Believe in Angels !