Sunday, September 29, 2013


"Do you know where you're going too?"

Mother Mary tells us that we must have direction when travelling through our lives.  Even if we think that we are " lost" in life, we must have direction.   Even that old saying we hear "one day at a time" would be considered a direction. Take into consideration would a hiker walk in a forest without knowing what direction he is going?  Of course not! that would be foolish and even dangerous.

In Life we all need direction.  Direction  comes from praying and meditating and a reasonable effort on your part, to do your best.  

Here is a simple prayer I pray to Mother Mary:

"Mother Mary, guide me, show me what I need to do with ( your situation). I pray that I will have the wisdom to see and understand what you show me and the strength to follow your guidance"

If you are not to sure what signs to look for when asking for guidance, refer back to the prior Mother Mary readings for understanding of "signs"

Start this week out with direction... where do you want to be and how will you get there.

Believe in Angels!


Sunday, September 22, 2013

Time for yourself

Just as it is important to "take care of business" is just as important as to learn to take care of yourself and find time to "unplug" from your busy world.

Mother Mary reminds us" that as you honor your commitments in this life  please don't forget to honor yourself"

Take care of yourself, treat yourself! This Sunday or this coming week try to take time from your busy schedule, walk in the park, watch the sunset, (if your lucky like somebody I know) walk the warm beach, listen to the waves, feel the breeze in your face.

Wherever you are, take in God's beautiful canvas that he has created for you. As beautiful as God's canvas is, if you look closely you are in that canvas too!

Isn't that just so cool to know!  

This coming week take time for yourself, do God's work and be well!

Believe in Angels!


Sunday, September 15, 2013


"Mother Mary will help you to cross the bridge and guide you over the stormy
waters of life"

Have faith in yourself and your abilities !  Know that Mother Mary will guide
you and send her Angels to protect you. You are not alone !

Believe in yourself, and believe  Angels !


Sunday, September 8, 2013


"Mother Mary tells us that strength is found within one's self"

As we travel down the road of life there will be many hills, valleys, washed out roads and beautiful scenic views!  What a combination! No compass, no maps and no signs Oh My !

Mother Mary tells us know this my  children: "When you are traveling the road of life you will not be walking alone. I sent my Angels to guide you on the path of life, when your tired they will hold you up, when you're in a dark valley they will hold a bright torch to show you the way.  The echoes you hear coming up from the dark valley will be the angels guiding you!

"Be strong Children of the white light!  and know you are very loved by me and the Angels I sent to guide you" 

This week if you are tired, and the hill  in front of you looks intimidating,  ask the angels to help you  find your inner strength and  know that they will be walking next to you !

Believe in Angels !



Sunday, September 1, 2013


To believe in one's self and the divine guidance that is given to us from heaven !

Mother Mary will give you all of your blessings you need. Just have faith.
Pray for guidance,  ( roll up your selves) and Mother Mary and her angels will guide you in the right direction.

Many times we wonder If what we our doing is the right thing.
 Being honest with yourself and the situation you are in, pray for divine
 guidance, rest assure that everything that you are doing is the
best that you can do, have faith in  in yourself and your abilities.

Today and every other day in your life when life gets hard and you are not to
 sure of your abilities, I want you to look into a mirror and look yourself straight
 into your own eyes and say this confirmation out loud;

( your name) " you are beautiful, you are strong, God loves you very much.
 Matter of a fact, He sent down his Angelic helpers to guide you, protect you,
and to help you ! There is nothing that is going to stop you until you accomplish
you mission. Have faith !

Rock on brothers and sisters of the white light !

Believe in Angels ! do God's work !