Monday, February 24, 2014

Inner child ll

Inner Child
" I nurture the child within me through playfulness and self-care"

 Mother Mary watches over all of her children. including the child who resides within you  This message reminds you to care for your inner child who is crying out for attention. If you are only working and not having any "fun time" this will result in sadness, exhaustion and feeling neglected !

This message is for you to create time for amusement and play.

This up coming week, while scheduling  and making appointments on your calendar, don't forget to schedule  your play time.

Believe in Angels !

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Inner Child

Mother said "don't forget about your inner child!"

Never lose your inner child! Just as it is important to be responsible, hard working and tending to your responsibilities, is just as important to tend to your " inner child" !  When is the last time you sat on your floor and played with your pet? When is it the last time you tried to catch a snow flake in your mouth?  (surely, we all know the feeling of the snow falling on your face!) Take time out from your adult responsibilities and have some fun with your inner child. You will be surprised how mush fun you have been missing !!!

Don't get lost in your daily grind. Take some time for yourself and have some fun! loosen up!

This coming week find your inner child. They have been waiting to play!!!

Believe in Angels!


Sunday, February 9, 2014


After meditating with the Angels and Mother Mary,  the word "changes" kept being "shown" to me. So I will repost a prior post of "changes" with some little "changes" to the message.

As we are in deep winter, we also know that we are headed towards Spring ! Nothing last forever. During this deep, dark and cold adventure, lets keep a positive outlook.  The days are getting longer, before you know it mother nature will be waking up bringing a whole new life cycle with us right in the middle of her creation !        

Mother Mary said Changes are part of our spirituality. As  seasons change, the cycle itself
 refreshes Mother Earth. New challenges!!! Changes are a healthy part of our spirituality.

How can we grow and learn from stagnation?

We may not like being taken out of our comfort zone, but we would learn nothing if we stayed
 in our little comfortable "boxes".  Like it or not, we are built for change, and we do well at it !.

One door closes and another door opens.

Here, I will give you an example.  When we were kids we would come in from the rain all wet and cold...
We would dread taking of are clothes because we knew it would be even colder!  But after the changing of clothes, quickly we would become warmer !  We would look at our old wet clothes we were wearing, and say " thank God I am out of that wet clothes."

So... this coming week if changes are coming at you, or they have been coming at you, Ask Mother Mary and her Angels to keep you strong, guide you, and show you what you need to do for a healthy change!

The Angels are there help us and guide us.  We are not alone!!!!

Believe in Angels!


Sunday, February 2, 2014


Edward asked me to write the blog today, as he is participating in a Fair today.  Using the same method he does, I sat quietly and asked Mother Mary what message needed to be communicated today.  One word comes to me:  Patience.

As busy people we tend to want everything we work so hard for to happen now.  We must understand that what we work towards will come to be at exactly the correct time.  We need to be patient with ourselves and others.  When you are feeling overwhelmed and inpatient with delays in how things are working out, take a step back, breathe deeply and ask Mother Mary to help you have faith that the correct thing will happen for you at the correct time.

Many times there will be something you feel or see that is necessary prior to the completion of your goals.  This may be something so simple that will make you appreciate the outcome so much more.

this week be patient with yourself and others, have faith that all is as it should be and the right thing will happen at the correct time.

If you are in the Buffalo, New York area, stop by the 25th Annual Psychic Fair today at the Hearthstone Manor 333 Dick Road, Depew, NY.  Ed will be at the Got Angel? booth and is giving a free lecture titled communicating with your angels at 4pm

Have a blessed week

Love & Light

Diane Yagger