Sunday, June 30, 2013

Angel wispers

"Mother Mary's Angels talk to you when your spirit is listening."

Another technique in communicating with your angels, that is very powerful and many of this site's followers have reported amazing, results. In the early stages of your waking up from your sleep cycle, while your mind is still clear of worldly thoughts. This small corridor while your still in between this world and the spiritual world, is one of the most advantageous times in communicating to your spirit guides and your Angels. Some people spend years meditating themselves into to this state. I find it much easier to  train yourself to utilize this small window of opportunity while you are in the very first stages of waking up.

Amazingly this not hard at all to accomplish.  The challenging part is recognizing you're emerging from the spiritual world (dream world) and returning to reality. This takes practice. I'll give you an example:

When I first realize that I am waking up, I try not to think about the upcoming daily events, but think of just where I was during my sleep. after awhile, you can easily clear your racing mind and return back into what I call the (Matrix).  Just as you are fluctuating between spiritual world and reality, consciously ask a question to your Angel.  You will hear a answer in a form of whisper or a picture.  Sometimes you will get both which I call (hear/see).  The more you practice this technique, the easier it will become.  Sometimes, I don't hear anything or see any pictures in response to my question. However; as in my last few teachings of communicating with Angels have shown, the answer may come through animals, birds and other situations. You will be drawn to a situation that is unfolding and within that scenario the Angels will show what they want you to know concerning your questions.

After awhile, if you keep practicing this technique ( I highly recommend this format ) , this door of communication will absolutely  amaze you with beautiful results.  For example sometimes when I am in this (matrix) all I hear is very beautiful classical music.  A side note, I have been playing classical piano music my whole life and I have never heard that kind a beautiful classical music before! When I awaken I hear that music the whole day, making me very relaxed, spiritually guided and knowing that I am very loved.

This coming week try to "wake up before you wake up" and start a beautiful life journey through this simple technique.

Be well, and do God's work.

Believe in Angels,


Tuesday, June 25, 2013

" Big menie Bird " !

"Angels communicating to  me through Birds"

Thank you Mother Mary for having your Angels guide me  through the birds.

Sometimes being a loving parent, spouse or sibling is  very challenging. Especially if tough love is involved. Many times, when your in" knee deep"  of tough love, you naturally start questioning yourself, " am I doing the right thing ?".

Well, I was in a situation concerning one of my children. I wasn't to sure what to do anymore and I was at my wits end.  It was to the point where I was questioning myself, if I  was being a "big meanie" as my daughter kept telling me after a while you do start questioning yourself and your intentions So... I prayed and asked Mother Mary and her Angels for guidance, and if I am doing the right thing for my kid. Because right now Mother Mary I don't know if I am being right or wrong in this though love thing.

Well while at work,  Standing watch over recreational yard of a female state penitentiary, ( the exact same place I didn't want my daughter to end up at), while the young female inmates were lounging around,   one of the inmates pointed up into the sky and yelled " Oh my God look at that little bird"
as I looked up into the sky, there  was a little baby  bird struggling to fly right over a state penitentiary yard. I looked at the little baby bird in amazement.  The wind was shoving it all over the place, (not to mention it was flying directly over a very bad place)    and it had a very long way to go to make it to the other side, to find a tree branch. As I was watching this struggling baby bird,  to my horror and the inmates screams and cries, a big bird started to circle the baby bird.  It wasn't long until the big bird took a dive towards the struggling chick and knocked it back and forth right back to the tree it was struggling to get too.   I said OMG that little baby bird just missed a death experience. As the little chick kept pathetically flying that big-ole-mean bird came back around and from the bottom shot upwards going towards the  struggling chick and clipped it from the bottom send the little baby bird right into the  branch ! By then, the whole penitentiary yard was yelling at the big meanie bird and clapping for the baby bird.  It made it !.  Just at that time, the big meanie bird was flying towards the chick, and I said " here is the end". To my amazement and inmates, the "big meanie" bird landed right next to the chick, and gave the chick a worm !

Thank you Mother Mary and your Angels for communicating to me what I needed to know.  You answered my prayers and showed me that I might have second doubts about my " tough love" on my child, but now I know I am right on course and I am not a "big meanie".

This coming week, ask the Angels a question, and keep your eyes wide open.

Be well and do God,s work

believe in Angels


Sunday, June 16, 2013

Oh deer! Communicating with your angels lesson 2

" Oh Deer ! "

Mother Mary thank you again for showing me what I need to know !

Well, after meditating all week on how I will start the next lesson in communicating with Angels through animals, Mother Mary sent a very strong message to me in a very pronounced way !

Here we go.... several weeks ago while working on our Mother Mary rosary path, I was very tired from working all week (and now performing physical labor) I decided to take a break and walk to an open field of cut grass and sit. While sitting and viewing the huge open grassy field, I heard in a quiet voice " hey Edward, why not make a huge Angel the next time you cut the grass " I said to myself, well they have crop circles, all over the place why not have an angel too! So... the very next grass cutting session, I left an uncut portion as a HUGE form of an angel (approximately the size of 1 acre). Well the first cut I have to be honest with you ( it was a very challenged looking angel).
My wife and I weren't t to sure if it was good idea. You know the weeds, and just taking up space. We thought well we will give it some time and see what the angels want us to do with it.

As the trimming continued over the course of the spring, it became a very beautiful looking angel. The grass it self became a purple color, sprinkled with wild flowers ! Upon closer inspection of the color, to my amazement, it is the same color as our Archangel Michael angels that we have !



We all know Archangel Michael is the protector of all. Well..... This morning as I was meditating on my weekly teaching, staring out of the window, I glanced down at the grass angel, just as the center of the angel exploded with deer's jumping up from their slumber. As they ran around the field, the herd started playfully jumping up and down, chasing each other around.

Well, the Angels said there peace. Literally using the angel in question as a tool to get there message across to me. In more than several ways...

The deer's were sleeping peacefully in the center of Archangel Michael. ( protection)

The color of the angel is the same color of our angels

When they awoke, they ran around the angel, stopped by the head of the angel and started to play ( work, but also don't forget to be playful )

They all stopped playing for some reason, looked right at us and made sure we knew that they were looking at us. Once that was achieved, they looked away and started to play around the angel again.


Asking the Angels to guide me and show me if "building this Angel is a good idea"

Answer; well, you be the judge !

a very important tool for your new language is this " believing is seeing "

Next week will be another example of how angels communicate to us through animals ( this time it will be a big "meanie" a bird.)

This coming week ask the angels a question you might have, meditate on that question several times a day and keep your eyes wide open for signs. Don't doubt what you are being shown by the angels. If a scenario that you seen or heard keeps playing back in your mind, well that is something the angels are trying show you. If you feel there is a message there that you are missing - ask the angels to help you understand what they are trying to tell you.

Do God's work, be well

Hey ! believe in Angels..


Monday, June 10, 2013

Communicating with your angels

" Mother Mary says that my Angels are always communicating with my children "

It has been a long time since I have been pondering when to start my "series" on how to( communicate with your angels.) Many times I have been a guest speaker at spiritual wellness fair, teaching people the techniques in communicating with the Angels.  Since that time, many people would request me to teach them the techniques. In the coming weeks starting Sundays ( beginning of the new week) I will give the first lesson on communicating with your Angel/s.  There are many ways a person can communicate with their Angels. But before we can start this beautiful and life changing journey, several basic understandings have to be well... understood.

Communicating in an other language is challenging unless you are "in tune with that person.  For example; if a person is standing in front of you and your looking at there mouth, eyes and their expressions and they are  talking another language,  no matter how many times they repeat themselves in that language you will never understand them. However,   if you look at the whole situation. for example their body language you will notice that as there are talking to you they are also rubbing there stomach and putting there hand in there mouth you will know there is a good chance that they are telling you "they are hungry" . 

I know many of you are saying what the heck is he saying.  Well what I am telling you is when communicating with Angels not just open your eyes and focus on one thing, look around, open your mind and you will see and hear things you never noticed before.

The first exercise for  understanding Angels is this. This is very simple but very powerful tool we take for granted. This week when we are going to school, work, shopping I want each and every one of you to take 20 seconds in the morning and when you are outside I want you to feel the sun shine on your face.  Not notice it, but feel it warming your face and in your mind I want you to Thank father sun for giving you life. Simple right ? Your preconditioned thinking is screaming " what are you nuts " Try this every morning before you start your day, Do this for a week.  And for the students who are snickering in the northern hemisphere where it is raining almost everyday I tell you this ! even better !    I want you to feel the rain on your face, mother nature cleansing you giving you the precious liquid of life I want you to tell Mother earth thank you for providing  life for me.    

There are several common ways Angels communicate with us. Lets get our communicating foundation started; lets start to become receptive and sensitive to there language. Feeling the sun and rain touch our skin is a great way to start to become receptive and start to understand why things are happening. This week lets have our eyes wide open and  minds  receptive.

Next week with this basic communication foundation being exercised,  we will study  our first communication  techniques of Angels with the language of  ( animals ). You will be surprised how Angels utilize animals in order to communicate with us. Angels will always use a certain language that they know we will understand them and for some folks animals is their link.

This coming week take time out to feel what we take for granted, know that preconceived conditioning is a language barrier to the Angels.

Do Gods work, be well


Monday, June 3, 2013

Quiet time

"Quiet Time is your time."

Mother Mary says that Quiet time is important to your spiritual well being.  Quiet time is time out for your busy mind. Find a place where you can "shut" everything  down and relax your mind,  Once you are in a "quiet zone" you  become grounded, and are able to tune in to receive divine guidance that is constantly being sent to you.

For example it is so easy to have sensory overload  in a busy world, and important messages that are  being sent to you are easily  lost in the "noise" of your mind.

Just as  exercise is important to your physical health, quiet time is important to your spiritual well being.

Many times in my busy/hectic day, I will take time out ( usually my lunch break) walk for 20 minutes. As I am walking, I zone out and meditate.  ! a BOGO ! 

Anyway, during this up coming week, try to take time out from your busy schedule , clear your mind and listen to what the angels have been  telling you.

Be well, do God's work, Believe in Angels !