Sunday, December 14, 2014

protection prayer from negative energies.

"Protection prayers are  an important part of our spiritual well being"

Just as we need to protect our physical bodies, we need to protect our spirit ! Many times during the day we expose ourselves to negative energies. Inadvertently, we come in contact with negative people who after being near to them you feel emotionally drained, frustrated or just restless.  This is because our associations with these types of "energy vampires" drain our spirituality and affects us in negative ways.  In the spiritual world you would be able to see what I call "tether cords" that connect you to that person. It is important that you " cut the cord".

A simple way to do this is ask Archangel Michael to "cut" the energy cords. You can do this by visualizing Archangel Michael cutting the cords around you with his sword. See the cords being cut from you, freeing your spirit's energy.  This simple but amazing visualization along with a simple prayer is very effective tool in ridding you of negative energies.

Here's the prayer. ( remember as you recite this prayer it is important to visualize Archangel Michael cutting the energy cords)

"Archangel Michael, my protector, please cut all the negative cords away from me, freeing my spirit, cleansing my spirit re-energizing me with God's white light of love and healing. So be it !"

And when you can see all the cords have been cut away from you, visualize Archangel Michael putting his hands on your shoulder and filling you up with  God's white light! Replenishing your spiritual energy back into  brilliant bluish white light !     

Do this as many times that you need to !

Believe in Angels !


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