Monday, January 19, 2015

Rainbows in winter

"you will always know my love for you and be reminded of that love by my rainbows"

Even during the cold, dark and dreary days of winter, Mother Mary will remind  us that she is with us, covering us in her robe of white light and warmth.

During one of our snow storms, with the wind blowing and having not seeing the Sun for days well... as you could imagine, one's inner light starts to get challenged !  I started to pray and meditate to Mother Mary and her Angels. During my prayer session, a  little rainbow appeared on my hand ! Not surprised anymore of Mother Mary's love for me or how her angels deliver her messages, I just smiled and felt love and warmth flow through my body, warming me up and making me feel very loved and cherished !

Thank you Mother Mary !

Believe in Angels !    


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