Sunday, August 30, 2015

"We heard ya !"

" It still amazes me how the Angels acknowledge our prayers"

As always, while doing my one and a half hour work commute, I travel several roads. One which is the RT. 490.  One of the little towns that I pass  by is called "Churchville"  so for me, that's is a reminder where I start my daily to prayers as I am commuting. ( which I call my rolling alter).  By the time I am finished with my prayers, I am usually  2 minutes away from work !( arriving and  feeling less anxious, protected and very loved by "celestial beings " :-)

Well, just as I finished my prayers, a trumpet sounding, melodic tune came out of my  cell phone ! (Four notes which I replicated on my piano C, D minor E then A sound) I never heard from my work phone in  my three years of using it.  Immediately, I also felt a strong but yet very gentle warm energy  flow through starting from my head and travelled down to my shoes ! 

Oh, did I forget to mention that my cell phone was turned off ?

Believe in Angels !


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