Monday, January 18, 2016

Long Distance Yellow Hello

It was Late Fall of 2015, while working on my land I had  an unexpected "guest" made an arrival.  On my land we had several trees that during late fall turn yellow before the leaves fall to the ground. Being an observer  of the trees, especially near to my cabin, I knew I had two of those trees one which just lost all of its yellow leaves.

While working, and thinking about life's ongoing traumas, worrying about my family etc.  ( I find it very therapeutic  while working in the woods).  As I was working the land, I had a feeling of being "carefully watched", and not being alone in the woods. I brushed it off thinking I have been in Law enforcement way too long and just brushing off the weekly  "yucky's"  of police work !  

I kept glancing at the area I was feeling someone or something was carefully watching me ! I kept looking towards the area repeatedly looking at the two yellow trees as if something again was keenly watching me ! As I turned back to my work, I realized something wasn't right with the view I have just seen.  I knew one of the trees had already lost its yellow leaves and there should just be ONE yellow tree ! and not two !

Slowly I turned back to the two yellow trees, scratching my head thinking maybe I should retire because now I am questioning my sanity when one of the yellow trees looked like it was alive and the branches and leaves were  slowly moving around! I went back into the cabin and retrieved my binocular's and focused on the " bare tree" that was now yellow and alive ! I was closely looking at the tree, when I seen hundreds of little eyes looking at me. !!!! Upon closer observation of the tree,  it was apparent that those little eyes were belonging to hundreds of interesting  (not from this area) yellow birds. !  The strange thing was, I never seen those kind of birds before !   and never before did I ever see all of the birds looking at one direction, the direction of me !

I acknowledged them and said hello and welcome strangers !   Knowing they were not from this area I told them out loud "relax you are safe here" ! I heard one of the yellow birds who was by itself in the other bare tree while looking at me  squawk loudly , then one by one all of the yellow birds started to fly away, until there was only one yellow tree !

The birds were Yellow Evening Grosbeak from Northern Canada.  They were heading south when They decided to land next to me and say Hello !

Angels talk to us  through many forms of communication, This was a hello from a long distance ! oh and we are watching you and know that we are close you !  

Thank you Angels !

Believe in Angels !


Sunday, August 30, 2015

"We heard ya !"

" It still amazes me how the Angels acknowledge our prayers"

As always, while doing my one and a half hour work commute, I travel several roads. One which is the RT. 490.  One of the little towns that I pass  by is called "Churchville"  so for me, that's is a reminder where I start my daily to prayers as I am commuting. ( which I call my rolling alter).  By the time I am finished with my prayers, I am usually  2 minutes away from work !( arriving and  feeling less anxious, protected and very loved by "celestial beings " :-)

Well, just as I finished my prayers, a trumpet sounding, melodic tune came out of my  cell phone ! (Four notes which I replicated on my piano C, D minor E then A sound) I never heard from my work phone in  my three years of using it.  Immediately, I also felt a strong but yet very gentle warm energy  flow through starting from my head and travelled down to my shoes ! 

Oh, did I forget to mention that my cell phone was turned off ?

Believe in Angels !


Sunday, August 16, 2015

Archangel Gabriel

" Hey just dropped in to see how your are doing"

During the last few months I have been in the middle of several "life storms". As usual, my prayers to Mother Mary are constant, consistent and  hard ! . The old adage " life is hard so pray hard". well, again, my prayers were heard. One night while I was sleeping, in my dream's.  I was in a very loud and busy large room, almost like an auditorium during a exciting game.  I was sitting there, tired, frustrated and scared.  People all around me in chaos.  In my dream,  I was sitting by a table,  all of sudden the people at my table became quiet, got up from the table, and walked away ! Peace was now all around me. It was like I was in a little protected bubble ! Suddenly, this well dressed, tall and good looking man ( I described the details of this man to my wife and he said it sounds like Richard Gere),  sat down next to me, I heard from the now distant crowd " There is Archangel Gabriel !  and I looked at this person sitting next to me and I heard " Hi my name is Gabriel ! I said in a very hesitant voice hi ?.  Gabriel smiled and said " hey just dropped in to see how you are doing" Gabriel further stated (as he is smiling all the time), all will be well, you will get through this.  These are lessons you must go through. All of a sudden, I felt not so alone,  inner strength radiating from me  and very loved and watched over by Mother Mary and her merry Angels !!!

Thank you Mother Mary for sending  Archangel Gabriel to me and telling everything my soul needed to hear !

Edward !        ,

Sunday, March 1, 2015


Mother Mary says that with faith comes hope !

I have a co-worker  who's friend wrote the meaning of hope.  This women had a very hard pregnancy.  She was told by the doctors after exhaustive testing and monitoring, that the baby inside of her  would kill her ! According to the Doctors, there was only one option for the mother.

This women along with her family prayed to Mother Mary for guidance and strength.  After prayers one night, it was determined by the Mother and her family to go the full pregnancy and let the Angels be their guides and protect the mother and child.

On 8/23/12 a child was born.  The Child was named Hope, the mother's name was always, Faith.  

Believe in Angels !!!  


Got Angel ? 

Monday, January 19, 2015

Rainbows in winter

"you will always know my love for you and be reminded of that love by my rainbows"

Even during the cold, dark and dreary days of winter, Mother Mary will remind  us that she is with us, covering us in her robe of white light and warmth.

During one of our snow storms, with the wind blowing and having not seeing the Sun for days well... as you could imagine, one's inner light starts to get challenged !  I started to pray and meditate to Mother Mary and her Angels. During my prayer session, a  little rainbow appeared on my hand ! Not surprised anymore of Mother Mary's love for me or how her angels deliver her messages, I just smiled and felt love and warmth flow through my body, warming me up and making me feel very loved and cherished !

Thank you Mother Mary !

Believe in Angels !    


Sunday, December 14, 2014

protection prayer from negative energies.

"Protection prayers are  an important part of our spiritual well being"

Just as we need to protect our physical bodies, we need to protect our spirit ! Many times during the day we expose ourselves to negative energies. Inadvertently, we come in contact with negative people who after being near to them you feel emotionally drained, frustrated or just restless.  This is because our associations with these types of "energy vampires" drain our spirituality and affects us in negative ways.  In the spiritual world you would be able to see what I call "tether cords" that connect you to that person. It is important that you " cut the cord".

A simple way to do this is ask Archangel Michael to "cut" the energy cords. You can do this by visualizing Archangel Michael cutting the cords around you with his sword. See the cords being cut from you, freeing your spirit's energy.  This simple but amazing visualization along with a simple prayer is very effective tool in ridding you of negative energies.

Here's the prayer. ( remember as you recite this prayer it is important to visualize Archangel Michael cutting the energy cords)

"Archangel Michael, my protector, please cut all the negative cords away from me, freeing my spirit, cleansing my spirit re-energizing me with God's white light of love and healing. So be it !"

And when you can see all the cords have been cut away from you, visualize Archangel Michael putting his hands on your shoulder and filling you up with  God's white light! Replenishing your spiritual energy back into  brilliant bluish white light !     

Do this as many times that you need to !

Believe in Angels !


Sunday, December 7, 2014


Mother Mary says forgiveness starts with yourself.

Before we can forgive others, we must forgive ourselves. We have to look deep inside ourselves to heal our wounds.  Then the healing and forgiveness begins.  The saying let go and let God is a very strong and a very divine statement.  Forgiveness begins with yourself.

This coming week try a simple prayer. Ask our heavenly father to help us to let go and let God.

" Dear Father in heaven, please give me the strength to heal my wounds and fill me with your loving light of peace and healing.  Help me father to forgive my enemies and the people who have hurt me. I give  my anger and pain to you my Lord and I trust and have faith in your unconditional love. Amen.

Believe in Angels!